Bel Ami Skinny Dip Leads To Foot Job, Barebacking, And Cum Eating

What more could you ask for?

Mop-topped twunk Kevin Warhol has replaced Brent Corrigan as the Zac Efron of gay porn (or is it that he’s replaced Zac Efron as the Brent Corrigan of gay porn?) and here he is paired perfectly with beefy and bronzed Jean-Daniel Chagall in this cute poolside fuck session. It’s fun how only the Bel Ami boys can somehow make cum eating and barebacking look so innocent!

The trailer (click for full scene and more previews):


[Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel Chagall Fucks Kevin Warhol]

6 thoughts on “Bel Ami Skinny Dip Leads To Foot Job, Barebacking, And Cum Eating”

  1. as long as it`s in porn i have no problem with bb scenes. at least that`s a way i can enjoy what i don`t even do with my boyfriend.

  2. Kevin Warhol is just too delicious for words. It’s been a long time since I got as “het up” over a model as I am over this little tyke! He can do NO wrong in my book, and this whole KINKY ANGELS thing is brilliant (and WELL worth the money)


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