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BelAmi Says This Model Reminds Them Of Kris Evans – Do You Agree?

Kris Evans is easily one of the most recognizable faces at BelAmi. I mean, his beautiful cock and killer bod are also extremely recognizable, but besides the point. Because we all know Kris Evans’ so well, our ears perked up when we heard that model Gabriel Nash was being compared to the legendary hunk.

Gabriel just starred in a new solo jackoff/photoshoot scene with BelAmi. The video’s official description says that he draws similarities to “a smiling Kris Evans” and goes on to detail Gabriel’s ripped body. Read the entire description and take a look at the two hunks below:

Cheese, milk, and fish is the supposed recipe to be having a body just like this week’s model, Gabriel. I’m not sure if it is a simple as it sounds, but maybe we should all give it a try.

Gabriel reminds us a little of a smiling Kris Evans. Maybe as they are both from the same part of Hungary there could be some family link, but nothing that either guy knows about. 

Gabriel has a very well built and defined body and like showing it off, he also has a very well built cock that he has no problem sharing with us as well. As with many Hungarian guys I suspect it could be hard to get him to do more than solo work, but if enough of you like him, we can surely try.

Kris Evans BelAmi
Kris Evans
Gabriel Nash BelAmi
Gabriel Nash
Gabriel Nash BelAmi
Gabriel Nash
Gabriel Nash BelAmi
Gabriel Nash

So what do you think? Do you think he bears any resemblance to the iconic model? Do you think Gabriel has the essence of Kris? Or are they not alike at all? Get one more look at Gabriel in the trailer for his solo scene and then vote in our lookalike poll below!

Want more Gabriel? Check out his entire solo scene over at BelAmi! Sign up for the site right now to take advantage of their Summer Flash Sale!


21 thoughts on “BelAmi Says This Model Reminds Them Of Kris Evans – Do You Agree?”

  1. If someone from BelAmi wrote that sentence, he is stupid! There is 1 Kris and only 1. With the rule “nobody over 30” Belami cut a source of revenues. Exit: Kris, Adam, Jean Daniel, Helmut, Andre and so many more. And the new “Freshman/Freshmen” are far away from what I like from the very glorious team. This is bad. Let’s hope they keep Joel, Peter and Dylan.

    1. Universal Potentate

      I think Belami tried to get around this 30-and-out rule with Lukas Ridgeston studios. I’ll be very excited to see some of these guys when they’re in in their 30s and 40s. Peter North and Rocco Siffredi are great examples of beautiful young men who kept fans going wild decade after decade.

  2. Although Gabriel seems more sensual and Kris more animal, they are both very handsome. What is comparable is their sex appeal. Great!

    1. The 6′ 4″ muscle god Kris Evans was born in Hungary in 1986 which makes him 34 years old and looking at the manly muscular development of Gabriel Nash he is way past puberty.

    2. Universal Potentate

      Of all the comments breaking the “Don’t be a dick” rule, this has to top the charts. It’s one thing to personalize like “I like pubic hair. I dislike shaving.” It’s another to generalize and say “If you like a hairless body then you’re a pedo.” We’re having a discussion about our PERSONAL preferences. We’re not starting Gay Nazi Party where failure to comply with our standards means you get labeled as a criminal. You’d think gay men would be a little more sensitive to that idea.

  3. Both these guys are gorgeous and each one has his special something. That being said, both these guys are UNCUT thank God. Too many guys are mutilated at birth. There’s something about FORESKINS that you can’t put into words. maybe the taste, creamier and thicker loads or whatever. I’m lucky as my parents didn’t have me circumcised and I’d never would consider getting snipped. More FORESKINS please and Bel Ami Studios can be counted on for young guys who’re all UNCUT

  4. He is a beautiful boy and I would accept him as a replacement if Kris is leaving. Belami should grab this sweet man, YES

  5. Universal Potentate

    Kris has a bigger dick and bubblier butt. Kris’ eyes also have this godlike quality. His lips and face have an iconic HUNK look to them.
    Don’t get me wrong, the new guy isn’t some piece of trash to be tossed aside. He’s not just sexy, he’s Belami-level sexy!
    I just think in a line up of all the hottest Belamis, would my eyes be drawn to Kris? YES!
    Would they be drawn to Gabriel? No.
    Niko Vangelis, Andrei Karenin, Viggo Sorensen are extremely attractive muscle gods with that face-dick-booty combo that puts them in an elite status.

  6. A total dis to both guys. Why not just let it be and stop with the comparisons? You all sound like jaded size queens with bottomless pits. There is one and only one Kris. Just as there is one and only one Gabriel.

    1. AHMEN …Let’s look at these guys as individuals … would you like to be compared by a gazillion queens with zipper tungs?
      they are both stunning and any of use would kill to know them …

  7. Gabriel is a good looking guy with a great muscular body but nobody compares to the Magyar god Kris Evans. He is sui generis.

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