BelAmi Video Roundup: Raw Threeways, The Wrong Jonas, & Pimple Nipples

We hope you’re all having a great Saturday and we double hope that you made some room in your weekend plans for some bareback action from some of the industry’s hottest European muscle hunks!

We’re of course talking about the boys of BelAmi and that’s why for today’s big Video Roundup, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the newest content, photos, and videos that have recently spewed from the big dick bareback site. Some vids are new and some are from the famed BelAmi archive, but all of them are 100% worth the watch if you’ve got a craving for some uncut hunks!

Take a look below, be sure to watch all of these full videos over at BelAmi, and don’t forget to let us know your favorite scene or model of the week down in the comments!

Marcel, Adam & Raf

Let’s kick off this list of BelAmi vid with a cum-flying threesome! This bareback video features Marcel Gassion, Adam Archuleta, and Raf Koons and like many videos the studio has been dropping recently, comes from the seemingly endless BelAmi archive of unreleased videos. The scene was originally supposed to be a “training scene” for Raf, which kinda seems odd, but I guess if you’re tasked with bottoming for dicks that big, you really would need a full trial fuck to successfully learn how to take that oversized meat. [Watch]

Jonas Miller

BelAmi model Jonas Miller honestly isn’t the first person my brain immediately goes to when I think of hot men named Jonas that I want to fuck, but maybe that should change. This solo session with the smooth muscle jock is pretty hot and definitely worth a look if you haven’t already. Plus, if you like this hunk, you’ll be able to see more of him in BelAmi’s upcoming “special Art Collection update.” [Watch]

Bart & Helmut Part 1 & 2

These flip-fuck scenes with Helmut Huxley and Bart Cuban are hot and great for anyone that likes watching hairy men and their holes get wrecked by some logs of uncut cock, but what really needs to be pointed out with this scene is its official description. Per BelAmi: “Bart is one of our most intuitive lovers, always knowing just the right thing to do to give his partner a great time. In hindsight, it was probably not the best idea to have Helmut teach Bart English… the poor guy is now going to go around calling everyone’s nipples ‘pimples.'” Ummmm… Can someone please correct him?! Why are we letting him walking around saying nipples are pimples?!?! [Watch]


3 thoughts on “BelAmi Video Roundup: Raw Threeways, The Wrong Jonas, & Pimple Nipples”

  1. Ugly inside and out.
    Why is porn still a thing? Please take down this gross, inhumane, ungodly, inappropriate content. It is pushing the notion of anorexia nervosa, which is harmful for our community. What are these actors doing for our society. CONGRATS, you know how to have sex, thank you for your contribution to making a better world. Wtf. Many times they personify shit . So plz do society a favor and don’t give them a platform. Nada mas
    Did I lie?!?!

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