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Benjamin’s Bottoming Debut Is Raw & Randy

For an out, proud gay guy who loves “big, straight dick,” he’s on the right site and Sean Cody sure paired him with right meat.

On paper, Benjamin reminds me of Manny. Like Manny did in his, Benjamin also rode himself on a dildo during his solo. Benjamin also had that same sort of joy on appearing on a site they had been jacking too for years. Paired with Randy for his first bottoming scene, he seemed a little nervous today. After all, he knows how hard Randy can fuck.

sean cody benjamin
The scene premieres at midnight tonight but we can glean a few clues from the previews. For one, Randy looks jacked as ever and his big dick continues to be one that always gets the job done.

sean cody benjamin
Benjamin seemed to have a little trouble on the intake. This might be his starter hardcore scene, but gay man or not, Randy doesn’t have a starter cock.

sean cody benjamin
But Randy has a way of making things fit when required; I believe it’s called brute force.

sean cody benjamin
As for Benjamin, he pulls an ATM and goes directly from riding Randy to sucking that dick without a cut or edit. Looking forward to seeing tonight what other raunchy tricks he might like. Watch this blog.

[Watch “Benjamin & Randy: Bareback” at Sean Cody]

2 thoughts on “Benjamin’s Bottoming Debut Is Raw & Randy”

  1. Benjamin and Randy are both hot and obviously like each other. The sex is really awesome. I do wish that models would stop the unhealthy practice of sucking a cock that has just come out of their or someone else’s ass.

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