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The Fire Crotch Flip

First Adam Ramzi has fire in the hole. Then it’s his turn to mince the ginger.

Between the green of the trees and sparkling blue waters as the backdrop, “Pool Service” from TitanMen has been a stunning sexual compendium packing an extra visual punch of a liberal serving of hot ginger fuckers in each scene.

In the opening, Jack Vidra had TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch seeing red. Ditto for fellow exclusive Liam Knox last week.

“Pool Service” comes to a close today with Bennett Anthony finally finishing up some unfinished business.

bennett anthony adam ramzi flip fuckThere may be a “Pool Service” follow up someday as once again, carnal instincts take precedence over any occupational objective. Men have needs, after all. And both Bennett and Adam are exceptionally needy men. But the unfished business between these two has nothing to do with the pool. Today, they finally get the chance for the frantic flip that has been brewing since their first attempt that was a bit throttled last summer. But at , they know how to make real fire, not just smoke.

bennett anthony adam ramzi flip fuckSeeing red has a concurrent theme in “Pool Service”. Today, Adam gets a close-up view. That crimson bush also has the effect of a snake charmer: just look at Adam’s dick dancing as gets a mouthful of Bennett.

bennett anthony adam ramzi flip fuckFirst, he got a mouthful, then Bennet gave him an ass full.

bennett anthony adam ramzi flip fuckThen, Bennett climbs aboard and takes himself for a ride. Then Adam takes control. He flips Bennett on his back, and pound him to a heavy nut then tops it off with a load from the top. Sexual business, complete. As for that broken filter, seems there’s some “Pool Service” still to be done.

[Watch Adam & Bennett in “Pool Service” scene four at TitanMen]

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        1. Just because you remembered to speak in third person doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t know that you and artiel8 are the same troll. But at least you agree with yourself. Hopefully your favorite Jack Hunter will have another new scene soon so you can agree with yourself again.

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