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Hands Up. Against The Wall. Spread ’Em

But when Bennett Anthony gets a surprise visit from his “Parole” officer, it’s more like, “Mouth open. On your back. Spread ’em.

First they signed Matthew Bosch, Dallas Steele, and David Benjamin as exclusives.

Then they revamped their entire website.

Capping it off was the year-ending release of the award-winning “Jail Break”. This ushered in a new era of “testosterone Titan” under the helm of director Jasun Mark where filmmaking and gay porn were not mutually exclusive.

Just like in life, after jail comes “Parole”.

In “Parole,” TitanMen exclusives Eddy Ceetee, Lorenzo Flexx and Jesse Jackman bust more than just the bad guys. The proverbial “long arm of the law” is buoyed Bruce Beckham and Anthony London. Bennett Anthony’s fire-crotch provides, even more, heat.

Starting things off, parole office Anthony London catches pool boy parolee Bennett Anthony with a suspicious bulge.

bennett anthony anthony london parole titanmanPhysicality aside, no Bennett isn’t just glad to see his PO. That paraphernalia in his pocket is a major parole violation. Bennett is eager to work out a plea deal.

bennett anthony anthony london parole titanmanBennett already knows that Anthony is even a bigger sucker than he is. Same when it comes to eating ass.

2-anthonylondonThis payback fuck is more about Anthony’s pleasure than Bennett’s future. But given the condition of Bennett’s dick, he’ll likely be a repeat “Parole” offender after this.

bennett anthony anthony london parole titanmanHis ginger, furry butt takes a pounding until Bennett unloads. But look fast. Anthony bends down, licks it up, feeds it back to Bennett then does the same with his own nut. After all, like any good parole officer, he gives his perps a taste of freedom. And in this case, twice.

[Watch Bennett Anthony & Anthony London in “Parole” scene one]

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