bennett anthony caleb daniels flip fuck

What’s Black, Red, And White All Over?

“Flipping” and “hair” are both the operative words today.

In fact, “Flipping your hair back” takes on literal meaning.

Ginger Bennett Anthony and newcomer Caleb Daniels provide both the fur and the flip.

As for the white all over, that’s a hairy situation too.

bennett anthony caleb daniels flip fuckBennett Anthony and Caleb Daniels have a few things in common. They love ink. They love juicy hairy butts. They love to rim. They love big dicks. They love to fuck. And they love to get fucked. In other words, before even walking onto the Raging Stallion set of “Object of Desire”, they already lived up to the name.

bennett anthony caleb daniels flip fuckAs Caleb buried his face in Bennett’s bush, he flashes a round, tight ass covered in fur. He liked Bennett’s dick plenty. But not as much as he loved pushing his scruffy face into Bennett’s ginger crack.

bennett anthony caleb daniels flip fuckHis cock continued where his tongue left off.

bennett anthony caleb daniels flip fuckThey flip and Bennett goes from zero to sixty in ramming speed. A combination of Bennett’s pounding and Caleb’s jerking soon has Caleb’s hairy abs covered in his thick white load. Then Bennett doubles the volume when he sprays his own nut all over his “Object of Desire”.

[Watch Caleb Daniels & Bennett Anthony in “Object of Desire” scene four]

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