Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens

Best Use of a Mullet? Tristan Hunter Gets a Grip on Travis Stevens

We were so elated to see Travis Stevens make his CockyBoys debut earlier this month—not just because he was passionately flip-fucking his real-life boyfriend, but because we hadn’t seen much of him in the past year. Thankfully, the wait for his next scene wasn’t a long one!

Being billed as Travis’s “first ever outdoor sex scene” (Really?! With a decade in the biz?!), the hunk is paired with Tristan Hunter, fresh off being named one of six 2023 CockyBoys exclusives. I can’t help but notice how similarly hot their cocks are (they almost look like a synchronized boner duo below…wouldn’t that be an amazing Olympic sport?!), but we’re going to have to wait to see Travis be a total top—here, he’s all bottom.

Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens

Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens

Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens

The two take turns swapping sucks on each other’s hot slabs, and then Travis bends over to offer his hole for munching. Tristan slides his dick inside and plows Travis in an extended doggy fuck where he pins him to the mattress with his cock—and at one points grabs hold of the bottom’s mullet, getting a good grip as he thrusts in hard (seriously, how are we feeling about that hair?).

Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens

Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens

Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens Tristan Hunter, Travis Stevens

Tristan sucks off Travis again before fucking his face, then gets him on his back for more ramming. This gives us the hottest sequence, with Tristan jacking off the bottom’s big, rock-hard boner as he fucks him. Travis soon explodes all over his hot bod and face, then gets even wetter with a facial from Tristan (what a great finish!).

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


36 thoughts on “Best Use of a Mullet? Tristan Hunter Gets a Grip on Travis Stevens”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Most of that was the same position.
    It just seemed like a boring scene with mullet dude talking too much.

  2. the mullet doesnt bother me. im more concerned with travis’s health. he looks strung out and he’s been accused of doing drugs for years. i miss the days when we was dating Anthony Verusso and they did Chaturbate shows together. Simple times.

  3. Honey, I do have my finger on the pulse. I’m a fucking hairdresser who specializes in young men’s trends and agree with atungnuboy up there. The mullet is FIRE right now.

    1. You must’ve of nicked your fingers while “cutting hair”. Not only are those fingers not on the pulse. They can’t even reply to a comment properly. Lol

      1. These threads are short and only allow so many replies. Sometimes they push you to the front of the line but you found me honey, and cared enough to stalk me.

    2. Thanks, Gyrl. I have dealt with hair and styling for decades. Classic mullet’s like Troye Sivan’s and those cuties from Stranger Things. Timothée Chalamet’s messy red punk mullet. Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart’s wolf cut mullets. Boys getting mullets with fades to look all street. Queens are getting perms with a mullet and they are lookin’ like poodles. Thanks, Chrystal Methyd. The modern short mullet aka gay mullet is the covert mullet queer boys were wearing all over NYC for Pride month. Caps in the daylight and flashy fierceness in the clubs.

      You can see what Gatsby says for 2023 [not affiliated]

  4. I had a mullet in the 80’s—loved when my guys would grab it…. Weird to realize that’s 40 years ago

  5. Jesus the models are even looking like white supremacists on cocky boys. That’s def a haircut you would see on a racist white boy in the south

  6. Bland scene but what do you expect from a studio who only casts Whites and Latinos who could pass as White due to their colonizer blood. The exclusive list was a joke. The lack of Asians is a red flag.

      1. Jaxson from Cocky boys tends to just act dumb and he is well aware he hires models who voted for Trump.

        1. Are you seriously suggesting someone’s political affiliation makes them unfit to hire? I don’t give a fuck who they voted for even if it’s against their and my best interests. Hell, half of these guys probably voted for Trump because Mommy & Daddy did because they were paying for college or still living at home. I’m not seeking deep conversations, I want to see them fuck not debate politics. Now show me pics of them at Jan. 6 and I’ll walk over and smack them upside the head and have a good talk with Jack & RJ

          1. They sure didn’t turn away from hiring colby keller when they knew he was a trump voter

          2. Richard, aka Colby Keller, isn’t a Trump supporter. He’s a Communist/anarchist who was looking for the best way to push for revolution. He’s an overzealous Millennial who fucked up and got blackballed when he started pushing his reasons to vote for the orange turd. He filmed half a dozen scenes with CockyBoys from 2013 until shooting himself in the foot. What a lot of people don’t know is multiple scenes are often shot in a couple of weeks and then released over months or a year. That’s what happened with his last 3 scenes. You see retired porn actors in new releases well after they left because stuff was already in the can.

    1. CockyBoys has some great Black actors like Jacen Zhu, Sean Xavier, Ty Santana, Tony Genius, and Max Connor. Cody Seiya, Dane Jaxson, and Tyler Wu are some of the hottest Asian men in the industry right now. They had Jay Mercer who is Black and Asian, but he fell in love with an Aussie boy and retired. Saying actors like Mateo Vice, Ricky Roman, Jae Roze, Seth Santoro, Abraham Shehell, or Alfonso Osnaya are too white to pass for Latinos is not only incorrect but basically racist. There are plenty of studios that cast only, Black, Latino, or Asian men. Race-baiting it’s not a pretty look.

      BTW Gay porn is predominantly White because the gay demographic is basically the same as the US national one, between 70-75% White.

    2. Ignorant. You know that almost every Latino has white dna right? Even the ones with admixture from other races. I’m not fond of your tone and the “colonizer” remark was unnecessary. It’s like in your mind only asians and black people are good genuine samitarans while everyone else who has white ancestors are “colonizers”. the double standards of racism is wild.

    3. Like what happened, they used to be somewhat diverse in the past. Nowadays they just became all white.

    1. Honey, the mullet is one of the most requested men’s haircuts in America right now, mostly thanks to Stranger Things. Get used to Mullets, Pearls, and painted fingernails

      PS Shaving your pubes but not your hole is basically sporting a mullet

          1. Miss DL over here thinking they have their finger on the pulse. Get out of your own bubble, pathetic cunt

          2. trust honey I have a well-paid shrink and a yoga instructor for plenty of introspection

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