Big Bro, Big Dick: Jordan Starr Works Out Greyson Myles’ Twunk Hole

There’s something about a noticeable height differential between performers that I find oddly arousing. I can’t explain it, but the visual just does something for me (regardless of whether the taller person is the top or the bottom).

Enter Jordan Starr and Greyson Myles to prove why. Just watching these two work out together—with Greyson eyeing his taller, more muscular “big bro” as he admires and copies his form—gives me instant wood. Cute Greyson made his debut in April (getting devoured by daddy Austin Wolf), and the versatile Jordan has fast become one of my favorite new performers of the last year.

Jordan Starr, Greyson Myles Jordan Starr, Greyson Myles

Jordan and his tall frame strike such a memorable impression, his great smile, hot bod and big dick all adding up in a positive-energy package that always makes me smile. He truly seems to love every scene he’s in, and it’s clear that Greyson is equally smitten with the stud as their workout quickly escalates.

Jordan Starr, Greyson Myles

Jordan Starr, Greyson Myles

After putting Greyson in a variety of suggestive positions, Jordan finally gets him on all fours and pulls down his shorts to eat him out before downward doggying his hole. The bottom has to grip on to the treadmill as he takes it from behind, and finally gets on his knees to slurp on Jordan’s girthy slab (Greyson needs two hands to cover it!).

Jordan Starr, Greyson Myles

Jordan Starr, Greyson Myles

The shots of Greyson then sitting down on Jordan’s big slab are stunning, with the bottom’s gorgeous smooth back, arms and ass popping off the screen. Greyson shoots his big load all over the top before Jordan pulls out to unload between Greyson’s ass cheeks and breed him. What do you think of this hot ass and big cock?

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4 thoughts on “Big Bro, Big Dick: Jordan Starr Works Out Greyson Myles’ Twunk Hole”

  1. I can understand and relate to seeing a taller and shorter performer in scen2.e and how erotic it is. It has to do with too many times actors look too much alike. Where as here you can tell who is fucking who. One type of scene that turns me on but is rarely shown is the bigger jock being taken down by a smaller guy or “nerd”. Falcon did that with Jim Fitt and Masyn Thorne in Locker Room Tales. Seeing the jock Masyn take the normally bottom Jim’s cock in his jock pussy is hot.

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