Big-Dicked Collin Merp…Total Bottom?!

“You just have to be gentle with me. I don’t get fuck a whole lot. Please?” Truer words have ever been spoken, as Collin Merp has been making us drool by stuffing his big dick into the holes of willing bottoms.

Then he threw us a curve ball a few months ago in his hot flip with Angel Elias, showing off a rarely (never?) seen bottom side. And now he does it again by becoming a total bottom, and we have to give him props for doing it with the very big cock of Aiden Ward!

Collin Merp, Aiden Ward Collin Merp, Aiden Ward

Collin Merp, Aiden Ward Collin Merp, Aiden Ward

Collin Merp, Aiden Ward

The mere visual of these two and their huge dicks out is enough to make me pass out from excitement. Both of them have great cock reveals here, their monster boners popping out of their pants with power and force (I love a goof cock pop!). Then they suck each other, and I could literally watch this all day. But then brave Collin offers up that hole for Aiden’s sizable slab, and he takes it like a champ—staying rock hard as he gets fucked on his back—with Aiden jacking him as he fucks him…love this! (I’m also salivating over Collin’s balls!)

Collin Merp, Aiden Ward Collin Merp, Aiden Ward

Collin Merp, Aiden Ward Collin Merp, Aiden Ward

Collin Merp, Aiden Ward

I also love seeing Aiden’s hot bush tickle Collin’s ass when he takes him doggy. Collin then sits down on that dick—and is pleasantly surprised when Aiden lifts him up and places him on his back again to keep fucking, the bottom soon coated in two big loads. I love how we get to see more of Collin’s personality here, and can’t wait to see more of him in whatever position he assumes—that huge cock is rock hard no matter what he does!

What do you think of Collin as a total bottom?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


8 thoughts on “Big-Dicked Collin Merp…Total Bottom?!”

  1. The guy with that big fucking ugly nose needs to see a plastic surgeon! His nose takes up half the screen. Hilarious

  2. Universal Potentate

    Aiden Ward is an amazing versatile actor wjo can take a fist like nobody’s business. The best bottoms make the best tops. Aiden is proof of that. Very hot scene.

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