Trevor Brooks, Jacob Acosta, Kane Fox

Big-Dicked Jacob Acosta Bottoms in Steamy Threeway

Yes, you read that right: Jacob Acosta, he of the massively girthy big dick, opens up his twink hole in a fantastic new threeway from CockyBoys (don’t worry, he tops too!).

The studio serves up the finale of its “erotic daydream” Surrender with a doozy of a scene, but to get there we have to endure some poetic narration and the cast howling like wolves while dancing around a campfire (where they also burn a clock, cause I guess time is a figment of our imagination or something?). It’s worth the eye rolling, because we soon get to see Jacob show off his cock along with Kane Fox and Trevor Brooks.

Trevor Brooks, Jacob Acosta, Kane Fox Trevor Brooks, Jacob Acosta, Kane Fox

We’ve seen Jacob and newcomer Trevor together already this year, and it was magic (so fantastic that it topped our list of the Top 10 CockyBoys Scenes of 2022..So Far! list). Trevor is arguably the best newcomer of the year, and he once again shows off his talent as he starts sucking his two smooching buds. He then gets spit-roasted by Jacob and Kane (and the closeup of his ass sitting down on Jacob’s thick shaft, with Kane sucking Jacob’s sac) is delicious. (Also watch for a brief cameo from jacking voyeur Leo Grand.)

Trevor Brooks, Jacob Acosta, Kane Fox

But the real treat comes when Jacob gets on his back, his abs tight as hell and his dick hard as a rock as Kane fucks him, Trevor gets in on the action by stuffing his dick in Jacob’s mouth, and also spends some time sucking Jacob as Kane is fucking him (this is so hot…you can practically feel Jacob’s pleasure from the multiple stimulation). We haven’t seen Jacob bottom that much, and I love it (I also love Trevor getting a little alpha).

Trevor Brooks, Jacob Acosta, Kane Fox Trevor Brooks, Jacob Acosta, Kane Fox

Kane then sucks Trevor as he rides Jacob’s face, and also strokes Jacob while also pounding his hole—yet another amazing visual. Jacob and Kane take turns plowing Trevor from behind until Kane shoots his load over the bottom’s hole. Jacob fucks Trevor on his back and breeds him, sliding back in to make the bottom burst.

What do you think of Jacob as a bottom?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!

6 thoughts on “Big-Dicked Jacob Acosta Bottoms in Steamy Threeway”

  1. Back when Jacob was a camboy he was, more often than not, the bottom. I’ve found that most guys with huge cocks are bottoms IRL

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