big uncut dick sean cody

“As Soon As I See Cum I Go Crazy”

“I like it all over my face … like in my mouth. I like to make out with the person who just came in me. I like sex rough.” ~Ramsey

Ramsey is the new guy on Sean Cody today. And while he’s new on Sean Cody, he’s certainly not new to Sean Cody. He’s quite a fan and has a laundry list ready to go with who he wants and exactly what he wants to do with them.

He’s a porn-loving, sex-craving, cum-addicted 20-year-old gay guy with a big, thick dick sporting a heavy crown of skin on a freshly minted twunk body. That’s a lot of checks of the right boxes. But does it check the most important ones?

big uncut dick sean codyWatching the preview, it comes off more a commercial for Sean Cody than a trailer for his update. He told Sean Cody exactly what they wanted to hear and they were happy to give him a platform.

big uncut dick sean codyBut for different reasons, I watched his scene and felt similar to how I felt after watching Saturday’s charade with Lane & Kaleb: what the hell did I just watch?

big uncut dick sean codyRamsey is one of those who looks much better on video than he does in stills.

big uncut dick sean codyHe definitely has sex on the brain. He likes guys older than he is, preferably with hairy chests and big dicks. It would also seem snowballing, felching, and internals is right up his proverbial alley.

big uncut dick sean codyNo doubt, he will be back. He does his job on flattering the crew. He’s given us all a playlist of who he would like to play with: Daniel, Shaw, Sean, Manny, Malcolm, Jess, and Landon.

big uncut dick sean codyBut what he wants to do and/or be done to him doesn’t always jive with what his favorites are best at. And there lies the key to his success: careful and clear direction that when on set, they are fucking for us as much as they are each other. I have more faith in Ramey than the crew.

big uncut dick sean codyHowever, that big dick definitely works in all of the ways it’s intended to. Which means, watch this blog.

[Watch Ramsey at Sean Cody]


3 thoughts on ““As Soon As I See Cum I Go Crazy””

  1. “I like it all over my face … like in my mouth. I like to make out with the person who just came in me. I like sex rough.”

    This kid is a retard.

  2. hopefully they pair him with good tops who don’t pull out and get all the shots right. don’t waste this good bottom guys at sean cody

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