“I want to formally address the lingering “Josh Stark” a.k.a. “Kevin” issue”

Apparently the light stick above Black Spark’s head finally turned on, because Black Spark’s manager  (yes, the Black Spark has a manager) has decided to come clean about what everyone has already known for months: Former CollegeDudes.com model Josh Stark, who is now Corbin Fisher’s Kevin, was in fact the lead performer in all those Black Spark videos.

Is this a “lingering” “issue”? For whom? Finally admitting something–which was only an “issue” by virtue of the fact that you were denying it several months ago–is a great way to get attention today when you’re not doing the thing that you’re supposed to be getting attention for (making art!), I guess?

Shut down your iMovie, turn off your Robyn or whatever, and try not to laugh! Black Spark manager Jason Pears:

I want to formally address the lingering “Josh Stark” a.k.a. “Kevin” (who appeared in some previously released work) issue so those of us personally involved can move on. By now anyone who has been paying attention (arguably to the wrong things) knows that The Black Spark and “Josh” had a close friendship. This relationship wasn’t borne out of a desire to create a business partnership, to stir up press, or with a sinister plan to create demand. “Josh” met The Black Spark via a mutual friend and connected immediately to his intense sexual energy. The issues and energy that brought them together eventually proved too much. “Josh” made choices that violated our code and he is no longer a part of this project.

Yeah, I can’t.


Black Spark’s work is multifaceted and encompasses much more than the short videos he’s best known for. With this in mind, we will expand on the work we’ve released and open up about other projects we’re creating in the coming months. Photographic works, creative direction, fine art, music videos, gallery exhibitions and a number of other interesting developments.

Other interesting developments.

Interestingly, “interesting” is the most uninteresting word someone can use to describe whatever it is that they say they’re doing.


12 thoughts on ““I want to formally address the lingering “Josh Stark” a.k.a. “Kevin” issue””

  1. Here it is January 2012 and Black Spark has not released a single video since Josh Stark left. He may not have created the works, but he was the main muse. I will be surprised if we ever see any more Black Spark videos….and that is a BIG pity. They were SOOOOO exciting when they were being released every few weeks. Damn!:(

  2. Black Spark will not be the same … their most interesting performer is gone …

    They will produce bullshit and expect to have the same audience and the same reaction …

    Sorry … but NO CAN DO …. RIP Black Spark

  3. So, The Black Spark is some faceless concept created by a, what, businessman or artist?

    Josh wasn’t the inventor of the idea, but instead a paid performer?

    That takes the whole appeal out of the Black Spark concept for me. I thought it was a “pornstar gone rogue” kind of thing with guerillia filming style clips in public and a ton of glowsticks. Bummer.

  4. I’m Sorry but I actually liked “Josh” or “Kevin” in the Black Spark videos…

    He made them interesting … And to tell you the truth I don’t think they will be the same without him …they won’t have that same feeling … he said it numerous of times … the guy he was fucking in the videos he was in love with him … he said that’s the only person he was fucking on a everyday basis …

    That kind of made it special … guess he was to interesting and taking control … they had to boot him… now they’re going to produce bullshit… and expect us to react the same… LMAO

    1. Loved him so much that now he’s turned to fucking women on CF and goodness knows where else. I’d say
      it’s more likely BS told him to piss off for that reason, but no one really knows except them. All we can do is speculate. I say good riddance personally.

  5. “‘Josh’ made choices that violated our code and he is no longer a part of this project.”

    Translation: We wanted him to behave like an exclusive model but we didn’t want to pay him like one.


    Translation: We expected him to treat our sulky douchebaggery with the same reverence that we demand of our facebook followers but he told us to get fucked and walked away.

    However you translate it I’m sure that BLACK SPARK Inc. wants us to be very clear that the fault was all the other dude’s!

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