Black Spark Still Thinks You Care Who He Is

Does the fact that he/they(it?) has a new video remind you that you were supposed to still be wondering about who’s behind the mask? I used to wonder. So much! Now? I don’t know.

Not to discount what was (and still is) a collection of unique, entertaining, and erotic videos that made every gay blogger both porn and non-porn (including this one, to be sure) drop to their knees earlier this year, but the Black Spark is kind of over, right? Or is it just me who’s bored/fickle?

I’m sorry, Black Spark! It’s just…what are you even doing?

It’s been at least two months since his last video, and this is what he comes back with? The same light sticks, masks, and more iMovie fonts asking you who he is and telling you about all his problems? I have enough to worry about. Identity crises and self-exploratory/empowering gimmickry is Lady Gaga’s deal, and the last thing we need is more of that bullshit.

Also, whatever happened to that nationwide tour?

[Black Spark]

ADDED: Two commenters have written in to tell me that this video is in fact not new, but one of the old ones that originally came out in December 2010. OK. I’ll take their word for it. But, it was added to the Black Spark Tumblr last night, which means he/they want people to think it’s new, or at the very least want to remind people that they’re still around-–but with an old video!? That’s even worse than making a new one with all the same gimmicks. Anyway, I regret the error and apologize if any of you were misled into thinking that the Black Spark actually made a new video.

20 thoughts on “Black Spark Still Thinks You Care Who He Is”

  1. What is wrong with you queens ? You are so obsessed with this kid failing his video’s are cool you all need lives.

  2. Looks to me like someone is trying to be a little creative with the porn. What’s all the negativity about?

    1. Serious! I’m thinking the same thing… Everyone is raking the guy over the coals over his videos. WTF!? If you don’t like him, don’t watch – plain and simple!

  3. It is a real shame that Spark’s ego is so beyond hope that no one in the porno Shark Tank will help him produce and distrube. It is like a talent gone to waste.

  4. Um… he’s still relevant? Look, I kind of thought with him being straight out busted and the fact that he pretty much has been non-existent in months that we were over it. What was once hot has now trickled into boredom… and using an old video?! Wow… I have no words.

    Zach, I think you answered your own question: the tour never manifested because interest pretty much waned very quickly. Next, please?

    1. Perfect example. He tells you that the video is old and your response is to ignore it and fire off a question (in your best Bob Woodward) that you think will embarrass him and vindicate your hard-hitting journalism skills. Chill out Zach…even YOU can be wrong sometimes! Stop all the pissing contests already!

      1. What are you even talking about? I’ve updated the article above and pointed out my error. Can you read?

  5. Zach,

    That video of ours is old. Posted it because people have been asking for us to host it on our page. Simple really. Bitter boy is bitter.

  6. ummmmm…remember how you made fun of Queerty for being fooled into thinking that Kurt Wild didn’t retire? Remember how funny you thought it was when they saw an old video on Suite 703 and got confused? I hope you can laugh at yourself just as heartily because this is not a NEW Black Spark video, but one of his very first from somewhere back around Christmas.

    1. Yes, I’m laughing heartily, mostly because it was Fleshbot–not Queerty–who I made fun of. As far as this video being old, I’ll take your word for it. But it was added to the Black Spark Tumblr last night, which means they want people to think it’s new, or at the very least want to remind people that they’re still around–but with an old video!? That’s even worse than making a new one.

      1. ok so it was fleshbot not queerty (ZING! ya got me! feel better?)

        It’s STILL funny that you made the same mistake but are now trying to spin it as someone ELSE’S fault or that it doesn’t really matter in the long run that you were wrong because blah blah blah.

        Like most bloggers, your skin is as thin as onion paper when you get something wrong or someone disagrees with you. You immediately go on the attack to make yourself feel better. Face up to the fact that you made (an honest) mistake, laugh at your goof and move on.

  7. I agree with most of your comments except one, this is actually an old video. It’s actually one of his first ones, I downloaded this song from iTunes after hearing it from this video back in January or February.

  8. I have to agree with you Zach, when he first started he seemed fresh and new but, after 13 or 14 videos of the exact same thing he just bores me. I don’t care who he is and frankly, I had forgotten about him until you posted this story.

  9. love how he’s started slapping a BIG UGLY watermark on his films … doesn’t want people stealing them, but doesn’t give a fuck about stealing copyrighted music!

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