blake hunter fucks beaux banks

And Wrap It With A Beaux

From his first scene, Beaux Banks has been the gay porn gift that keeps on giving. Finally, someone has found a way to capture all sides of one of gay porn hottest power bottoms: an entire series devoted just to him.

Beaus Banks. As if we weren’t smitten with him enough already, our exclusive, “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Beaux Banks” sealed the deal for the uninitiated.

The uninitiated did not include director Marc MacNamara.

His brand new series, “Hunting Beaux” premieres today.

And the first lucky finder is Blake Hunter.

blake hunter fucks beaux banks Beaux shared with us he’s only topped once in his life. He knows what he likes. And he’s damn good at it in scene after scene after scene. The we have Blake Hunter. Take note of the Prince Albert. Blake has also done some work for NextDoorStudios. His body is solid, he’s versatile, and today he returns to Men with the enviable task of commandeering Beaux’s assets.

blake hunter fucks beaux banks “Beaux Banks is a masterful hacker who is tired of lame dating apps. He takes it up a notch by taking over the airwaves and offering his ass up as bounty for anyone smart enough to find him. The payoff? His ass, hole, and mouth any way you want it.”

blake hunter fucks beaux banks Blake’s first order of business is licking every inch of Beaux’ cheeks and hole. But he also employs his oral talents for some well-deserved attention of Beaux’ pretty, but too often ignored, cock.

blake hunter fucks beaux banks Blake doesn’t exactly lower the boom on Beaux. Today, he takes care of that by himself.

blake hunter fucks beaux banks After repurposing school desks as a perch for fucking in another Marc MacNamara position that would have never crossed anyone else’s mind, once on his back, Blake fucks a load right out of Beaux before laying down his mark right on top of his bottom.

The next Beaux Hunter, Alex Mecum, will play finder’s keepers next Monday. Watch this blog.


[Watch Beaux & Hunter in “Hunting Beaux” part one at]

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