Blue Bailey Discusses HIV-Fetishizing Treasure Island Flick ‘Viral Loads’

Now, while PrEP is great and all, Treasure Island Media‘s latest DVD feature Viral Loads is all about fetishizing poz cum. And bug-chasing. And nihilism.

Salon writer Tracy Clark-Flory found the phenomenon notable enough that she sat down for a chat with one of its stars, Blue Bailey, who is openly HIV-positive and has no qualms about the fact that in his scene, another model pulls out a jar labeled “poz cum” and basically pours it in his ass. (Some have questioned whether or not all these jars of hundreds of “loads” that TIM always seems to have handy are actually full of semen, or just a semen-like substance, but Blue does not suggest it’s anything but real human semen, as Paul Morris promises.)

This is also the flick that features the 20-person gang-bang, with Blue as the bareback party bottom, that we heard about a few months back, and which Blue said was “really easy” to shoot.

From the site copy, re: the gang-bang scene:

When he enters the room, he knows he’s in for a real rite of passage. The willing, hungry lad gets gang-fucked by a roomful of studs. Most are poz, some are neg. Who the fuck cares? Not Blue, that’s for fuckin’ sure.

To finish up his man worship initiation, we bring out a brimful jar full of more than 200 poz loads. Blue’s good buddies Dayton O’connor and Drew Sebastian carefully squirt every fucking drop up Blue’s knocked-up ass. Max X slurps Blue’s jizz-leaking ass throughout, establishing himself as the new world’s felching-champeen.

One question that Salon asked Blue was why the fact of his HIV status gets left out of the copy, implying that he could be infected on set and creating a kind of fetish around this idea.

I certainly think they left it out to get people talking about it…

The film seems to fetishize HIV, maybe even the risk of transmission. Why might that be a sexy thing for some gay men?

That is a difficult question, because I don’t want to speak for everybody. The only thing I can think of is that, perhaps, somebody who is negative would engage in bareback sex and then always have a fear about contracting and perhaps they think if they’re already positive, that fear would not be there anymore. That thinking seems to be a little outdated, because if they’re able to get on PrEP they would be able to do the same thing and protect themselves.

He also suggests that HIV-negative men who would never engage in such risky behavior in the real life might be turned on by the fantasy and be able jerk off to it without going out and trying it themselves.

But felching a jar-load of “poz cum” out of an ass is a turn-on? Ew.

Some stills from the 20-man gang-bang, below.








[Treasure Island Media]


31 thoughts on “Blue Bailey Discusses HIV-Fetishizing Treasure Island Flick ‘Viral Loads’”

  1. My poz mate got me trying a meth slam, instantly found him and his status horny as fuck, told him to poz me. He got more poz guys round for a gang bang, end up like viral load but I was begging for more meth or HIV loads. Taking toxic poz cocks was amazing, I wanted to be another gay slut with HIV. I still fetishise HIV, love getting fucked with toxic poz cum. Would love to be the bttm in another gang bang!

    I think if your offended by this kind of porn then don’t watch. For a poz guy like me its horny as fuck!

  2. Very hot. I am now taking viral loads often. If I can find more then one guy at a time, even better. I am totally turned on by this. And the manly men associated with video are the type I always have connected with sexually. I’d be gang banged by that group anytime!

  3. I think for poz guys like me who don’t know just how they became poz or who did it to them can fantasize about allowing it to happen on purpose just for the thrill of letting a room full of poz men get off on a neg man “asking them to bring them into their poz world. In other words it’s really a fantasy for poz guys imagining that they would bottom for a room full of poz guys. I don’t think a neg man would actively seek it but the fantasy is for us poz guys trying to establish a time frame for when it actually happened, rather than a guy like me who will never know who gave it to me or when.

  4. I can only speak from experience….I like Paul Morris’ movies, most of them, some are not my cup of tea but hey to each his own. My best friend has been poz for over 10 years and while he hooks up with other poz men, there have been times when he is worried because he has new symptoms he did not have before and we are then at his doctors office to get some medicine to whatever he caught. I ask him why he doesn’t protect himself and his answer is “my load is undetectable”….now, I am negative and to me – I just don’t get it. He is a huge fan of porn and he is acting out the fantasies in real life. As with everything, for every action, there’s a reaction. He doesn’t even ask people for their status. He says “if they bareback with someone else, the assumption is they are poz as well”. Can you blame the porn industry, that’s debatable and I can only wish that people will just educate themselves more. Will I watch this movie, no – it’s not for me. My friend is looking for it like no tomorrow.

  5. TIM is the 3-year-old girl in the doctor’s waiting room, lifting her dress over her head because no one has paid attention to her for 2 whole minutes. Kim Kardashian’s appeal makes more sense than watching the stupid (and sometimes fake) shit they put out. They’ve come so far from a top cumming on a cookie for the bottom to eat. (Not.)

  6. Never knew about this but it’s the most vile, disgusting thing & don’t think porn blogs should be promoting it or taking ad dollars. This is the stuff that will end up in conservative media as an example of what gays do. It’s demented. Speechless

  7. Most of the men in TIM look desperate and drained of life: I don’t find that sexy or a turn on. As a negative man, I have NO need of fantasy for this kind of behavior. Sad.

  8. I don’t get the jar thing at all and wouldn’t watch it but i do think that Blue and Dayton are hot and that pic of Derek on Blue is really something.

  9. All the guys in those videos are adults and there on their own accord. No one is forcing them to be there!!! I’m sick of these judgy gays trying to tell me how I should have sex, and the type of porn I should be watching!!! We get that enough from the right wing nut jobs! Why are we doing it in our own community! It’s freedom of sexual expression people!!!! Treasure Island is for 2 types of people. Barebackers like me who want to see on screen what we do in real life and enjoy watching bb porn. Also, it’s for those guys who don’t bareback in real life and want to act out their fantasies watching porn. Treasure Island is extremely popular. According to this very website CUM WHORE was the most watched video on the web last month. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. I for one will keep watching what they release!! That shit is hot!!!!

  10. It’s funny how u can start piecing things together and figure out who’s poz.

    Dayton O’connor fucked Blue Bailey bareback for Raw Fuck Club. So guess Dayton is poz too.

    Dayton has fucked a lot of guys bareback over at Fraternity X too I think.

    So a lot of the guys over at Frat X must be poz too.

    Then Dayton fucked Tate Ryder and Adam Russo and Antonio Biaggi fucked Tate Ryder bareback. They all must be poz.

    I could keep going, but I’m starting to think most of these guys are poz that do these bareback videos.

    1. It’s not funny man. But it is intriguing. These guys thinking that they can either lie about their status or try & be “mysterious” about it, are all delusional.
      Like you I connect the dots to guys who are poz & have done raw scenes with other guys.
      But then it’s pretty easy to see who’s more than likely got what. It’s always the same group of guys (just in different combos sometimes) that do raw scenes together. Every now & then we see a new guy thrown in or a guy who previously only did condoms scenes or one who just started to do raw scenes. I don’t buy that whole PrEP thing. It’s too new & there’s too many variables to consider. Such as having to take a pill daily & the fact that it’s not 100% & is intended to be used w/ other “safer” techniques (i.e. condom use).
      Then all these new cases of guys coming out as poz.
      It’s kind of crazy when you think about it.

      I can respect the guys who have no comment about their status, because I’m not fucking them & it’s their right to privacy. But when they go escorting/prostituting themselves out, that’s where the issue arises.
      I definitely have to respect the guys who come out as poz.

  11. To each his own. If it isn’t your thing don’t watch it, but I am getting tired of everyone else deciding what standards are acceptable “for everyone else.” It is no different than the days when “gay sex” on film was very hush-hush taboo back in the 60’s/70’s because everyone said it was “immoral.” Clearly there is a market for this because the people I know who own gay or adult businesses tell me TIM and other bareback gay porn are the number one sellers. They are responding to demand, they don’t create it, and that is what business is all about.

  12. It’s shock value. Once the HIV virus is exposed to air it dies, so the 200 load thing is sensational. The guys fucking him and cumming in him are of course a different story

  13. I was a fan of Treasure Island Media before but they are certainly going downhill. All of their latest films were extremely pathetic and desperately seeking attention. I guess they are already losing a lot of customers, I haven’t bought from them for a long time and judging by their latest releases I am not going to buy anything in the near future.

  14. I love when Derek Parker barebacks but this viral loads idea is a bit too much. I just got a chill down my back lol

  15. If it’s true is abnormal, totally perverted and if it’s fake it’s a shame. The whole thing is a subhuman behavior. And to think TIM pays ‘models’ ( LOL ) a shitty amount to do this filth. I really think these men are doing things like this not for the money, but because their low moral level. Besides their anuses they must have fucked up heads.

  16. Why is anyone shocked by this film? This is Treasure Island Media–they are the production company equivalent of a street hooker at 2 AM. They are trash & they know it. To expect anything remotely classy from this outfit is delusional.

    1. Oh who cares what you or any female thinks of gay male sex. So sick of women commenting on manporn. Bug off!

  17. Fetishizing guys getting infected with HIV?
    A jar full of HIV positive sperm being injected into this young mans ass?
    Have we sunk to new lows in the gay community? Is this what it takes to make a buck and for this kid to pay his rent?

    Sad and Disgusting.

    1. Step right off your soap box, buddy. There’s tons gay porn reenacting rape, slavery and reverse slavery/revenge, biological twin brothers getting it on, old guys purposely paired up with guys that look like minors, etc. All those get the gay stamp of approval, but this is the straw that broke the camel’s back? Please. Maybe this isn’t your cup, but I guarantee you someone’s getting off to it.

      1. As bad as everything you said is, this is way worse. If I am doing something where I have to consider “once the HIV virus is exposed to air it dies…” then it’s probably a fucking stupid thing to be doing. This is all just an unimaginable level of trashiness.

        1. Says who? You? I happen to think glorifying rape, racism, incest and/or pedophilia are crossing the line way more than HIV (especially being that a lot of gay models/escorts already have it anyway). What’s too much for you may be exactly what the next guy needs and vice versa. I happen to think it’s all pretty gross, but as much as this community likes to justify glorification of pretty much anything as long as it’s “just porn”, folks getting offended by this are a joke.

      1. Dayton O'Connor

        Hey guys,
        Dayton here. Just so you know I have not been desperate (projecting much?) for work. Hell porn isn’t my life after all. As for my status keep thinking guys because as your “Desperately” clinging on to a world that is based purely on fantasies and sex. while your judging from behind a computer I will be living a philosophy that can be summed up in one quote from Audre Lorde “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” I’ll be Celebrating!!!! Also check other studios they all have questionable status models. Educate yourself then speak.
        Please and Thank You.
        Dayton O’Connor

        1. Hi Dayton,

          such a beautiful guy with brainwash! That’s a pitty! And more shocking, if you really believe all these things they what you to celebrate your life. So let me say: Well done! Keep on fucking!


        2. Yasssss!!! ^what he said

          To all the people (gay and straight) judging this, stop deflecting. This is not unique to the gay world. Stop slut shaming and let people explore their sexuality.

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