As George Takei Would Say, “Oh My”

Star Trek fans have heard the line, “Mr. Sulu, you have the com.” But when it comes to seeing Mr. Sulu having an “intergalactic jizz orgy”, we’re about to go where no man has gone before.

“Fans are demanding the inclusion of LGBT characters in the ‘Star Trek ‘franchise,” director Paul Wagner told the Huffington Post. ‘Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock have long been a popular slash fiction pairing. We felt it was time to explore the idea of an all gay crew.‘”

The original “Star Trek” debuted back in September of 1966. But it took 50 years and the feature film “Star Trek Beyond” to reveal Mr. Sulu was gay. Now that the word is out, has pounced with their blue screen version, “Star Trek : A Gay XXX Parody”.

This s the all-male, gay porn version that no doubt, someone fans had only been able to imagine for half a century.

star trek gay porn versionManning the USS Enterprise are; Jordan Boss (Spock), Brendan Patrick (Scottie), Rod Pederson (Kirk), Jack Hunter (Bones), Donny Forza (Chekov), Micah Brandt (Uhura), and Henier (Sulu).

Part One premiered last Halloween with Brendan Patrick, Donny Forza, Jack Hunter, Jordan Boss, & Rod Pederson in the “intergalactic jizz orgy”.

[Watch “Star Trek : A Gay XXX Parody” part one]


[Watch Micah Brandt & Jordan Boss in “Star Trek : A Gay XXX Parody” part two]

And brand new today …

[Watch Henier Lo & Rod Pederson in “Star Trek : A Gay XXX Parody” part three]

[Original Post – October 31, 2016] eased us into with the SFW trailer over the weekend

“Star Trek : A Gay XXX Parody” debuts with Part 1 today.

star trek gay porn versionSpock and Captain Kirk argue their way through a daring rescue mission.

star trek gay porn versionOnce the ship is steadied and safe from harm …

star trek gay porn versionthe crew celebrates the best way they know how.

star trek gay porn versionLet the intergalactic jizz orgy begin.

[Watch “Star Trek : A Gay XXX Parody” part one]

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