“Driving Miss Davey”

Boomer Banks & Davey Wavey. The New Gay Power Couple?

Davey Wavey loves him some porn stars.

They seem to love him back.

Is he about to add Boomer Banks to that list?

Earlier today, Boomer was on his way to “film a secret project”

A couple of hours later, I think he let the cat out of the bag …

So no, Boomer and Davey were sitting in a car, not in a tree. Besides, as Davey shared in his last video, one of the keys to his successful long-distance relationship is aromatherapy …

His advice, “do it and you’ll get so much, it’s not even funny.”

But clealry, taken or not, Davey can’t resist a porn star. When he was last in the UK, he made sure to meet up with NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor. While Davey is the connection between Mickey Taylor and now Boomer today.

Everyone has an opinion on Davey Wavey. What’s yours?

6 thoughts on ““Driving Miss Davey””

  1. Who watches him? whoever is lining his pocket with his youtube pay check… You all need to stop giving that idiot views. The world would be a better place without that cunt on youtube.

  2. Gross. This is not hot at all. Headline should be “ugly ass fuckers are dating”. Make it go away.

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