boomer banks fucks bruno bernal

Ten Hard Inches Bruno Can Bank On

When one of the hottest asses in gay porn meets one of the biggest dicks, it makes for a scene that’s like money in the bank — and a load to the face.

“Drive Shaft”, the tale of the horny grease monkeys from Raging Stallion is back for it’s third part featuring its biggest dipstick yet; the ten fabled inches of Boomer “Second Hottest Cock in Gay Porn” Banks. In the end, Boomer wipes that stick all over Bruno Bernal’s face. But right from the beginning, Bruno works every inch like the champion cocksmith he is.

boomer banks fucks bruno bernal
The two chiefs reasons you voted Bruno Bernal the hottest of Falcon Studios Group Brazilian exclusives are also known as his left and right ass cheeks. No wonder Gabriel Cross poured champagne all over that perfect bubble butt.

boomer banks fucks bruno bernal
And no wonder Boomer made sure his dick got a pit stop in there before ventured on.

boomer banks fucks bruno bernal
Unless you have some serious skills, dicks as big as Boomer’s are just decorative. Not today. Bruno’s mouth stretching while being opened with Boomer’s cock is shown from every angle. Bruno’s tongue moves from inside Boomer’s foreskin to up and down that fat shaft. When it’s Boomer’s turn, he doesn’t just tongue Bruno’s hole, he gets his whole face in there. A lot like what he’s about to do with his cock.

boomer banks fucks bruno bernal
It all leads up to the intersection of the right dick and the right ass. Bruno lowers himself onto Boomer in one long, steady push and doesn’t stop until his his ass cheeks are kissing Bruno’s balls while the men do the same thing with their tongues. They alternate between Bruno power-riding and Boomer fucking upwards from the bottom until Boomer bends him over, pounds a load out of him then leaves Bruno with a souvenir all over that face.

[Watch Bruno Bernal & Boomer Banks in “Drive Shaft” scene three]

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