Boomer Banks Leaves Facebook Over ‘Real Name’ Policy; Samuel Colt Predicts Mass Exodus

While Sister Roma is holding strong and vowing to keep fighting Facebook over their “real name” policy, some porn stars are now getting targeted by the Fbook algorithm, or whatever it is that spawned the recent crackdown on people using stage names or drag names on their accounts.

Boomer Banks says he’s just done with Facebook now, and is “downloading” Myspace or just sticking with Twitter for his fan- and friend-contacting needs.

Samuel Colt is pissed too, but they haven’t locked him out of his account yet.


This of course doesn’t help the drag queens, who need Facebook as an event-promotional tool and who have built followings in the thousands for just this purpose. But Heklina’s already toying with just giving it up in protest.



Meanwhile, Jackie Beat is just pissed and tired of all the queens whining.


Good point.

15 thoughts on “Boomer Banks Leaves Facebook Over ‘Real Name’ Policy; Samuel Colt Predicts Mass Exodus”

  1. I’m wondering if this push for real names wouldn’t hinder people from being trolls. It’s so easy to be nasty and awful online when your identity is kept secret.

  2. Half of these people post the same shit on facebook as they do on twitter and even have to censor it for twitter, so someone tell me what the problem is again? More characters?
    Now, the other question I have is, will facebook be going after all the people with names like “Jessica MissThickThighs Murphy” or some bullshit of the sort. From what I’ve heard, they are. it’s simple, if facebook doesn’t allow you to do what you need or want for your industry, then just fucking leave it. Facebook will not be hurt by this action.
    Also does this mean, the porn industry will take over Myspace pretty much like it’s done twitter? Stop bitching and just leave facebook. Get the message out to your fans before facebook closes your accounts and move the fuck on.

    1. Not only porn stars and drag queens will leave Facebook. I would NEVER use my real name on Facebook either and I guarantee you many, many other users wouldn’t use their real names either. I’ve got nothing to hide but I’ve had stalkers in my past. Don’t need this drama and I can surely do without Facebook. I also assume if they go through with this Facebook will be as much as history in a few years as MySpace is history already now. (Does anyone even remember MySpace? It was *the shit* about 10 years ago… now no one uses it anymore).

  3. well everyone since facebook became commercialized and a real company you can buy stock in ; it is those big mega companies that have been pressuring fcbk to clean it up and there goal is to have ((nothing that has to do with anything even remotely related with adult nudity or even partial nudity) and the powers that run the company are siding with these companies that are now making them money .
    I have a fiend that works for them (that also happens to be gay ) is where i got this info from and he says that he can see the writing on the wall of what will happen if they continue to do what they are doing ; but like most of us lowly little people that work for companies like these say we don’t know what we are talking about so they never listen to any of us

    And yes I don’t agree with this new crap they are doing (but like every company there is out there it is now also regulated by goverment) so it is just another way of them trying to keep an eye on us any way they can.
    So I think it is time for all of use to ban together and figure out a way to come up with a a site that people can use to promote some of there events music artists etc and say goodbye to facebook and maybe if we get enough people bringing this issue to twitter maybe they will look at it and see that if they change there format ( it ) could become even bigger then facebook ever was . Because from what i have seen of twitter it is pretty damn liberal when you can sit there and watch a friggin clip from a porn movie that is coming out .
    So that is my thought on this whole fcbk sh*t i for one will leave as well if i can’t keep in contact with many of the events/people of the gay community that I check in about
    thanks Mr. Steve H

  4. Why the shit is Samuel Colt pissed? If you know anything about him, then you already know his birth certificate name…he competed under it in leather contests. His real name is no secret. More than a few gay porn stars (and I mean big names) have Facebook pages under their real names….and it does not seem to be a problem for them. Now, for the drag industry, I do fully understand the issue they have with it.

  5. Although yes there will come a time when facebook will indeed die. But TBH you don’t really know how handy FB can be until you leave it. For me I learn about music festivals, like raves or the larger festivals around the world, and their lineups through facebook. The events part of facebook is the most worthwhile thing about the site. Twitter has yet to have an integrated event system, and due to its staying as simplistic as possible, probably never will.

    1. Let me get this straight(no pun intended) I thought porn stars were the epitome of attention whores? The more attention they receive the more publicity for their escorting business!

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