Bottom Tatted From Head to Toe Gets Inked By 11-Inch Dick

If you’re a fan of tattooed performers, you’re in for a treat as a trip to Torremolinos, Spain leads to a newcomer making his North American Studio debut!

And thankfully, unlike fellow German tattooed porn star Logan McCree, this one isn’t a MAGA-loving, election-losing, gay hating men’s right activist (at least, we’re pretty sure he isn’t). Meet, Ink, aka Inkedbrln!

Cutler X, Ink Cutler X, Ink

The German performer has been filming fan content on JustFor.Fans and other platforms, and two months ago he made his studio debut in a hot five-man scene for HungYoungBrit, getting both of his holes stuffed by some big uncut Brit dick in a cumtastic orgy (although it’s really more of a threeway and a twoway side by side, and also features some DP action).

Cutler X, Ink Cutler X, Ink

In his debut at the Den, the sub gets his face fucked in a hot oral opener where he tries to take as much of Cutler X’s huge cock as he can. He then bends over, getting pinned to the bed (gripping the sheets for dear life) before riding Cutler, then taking it from behind. The bottom takes a big load on his ass—one of the few body parts that isn’t inked (and technically, it looks like his toes aren’t, ether…but his dick is!).

Cutler X, Ink Cutler X, Ink

Ink comes across like a voracious cock hog, and we love that!

See the full scene at CutlersDen!


11 thoughts on “Bottom Tatted From Head to Toe Gets Inked By 11-Inch Dick”

  1. None of the comments so far reveal any sophistication or basic knowledge about the practice of body art. Largely, reflective of Euoropean cultures ignorance of this high culture phenomenon. Inkedbrin seems an interesting practitioner of body art, especially noticeable in the extensive and unified design patterns. Interesting that he chooses to leave his ass and genital area unadorned. Almost startling in their nakedness. I would suggest that it might be evidence of a sophisticated artistic perspective.

    1. You are all haters

      The comments in this section are probably all written by the same person. Not to mention they all sound desperate and pathetic.

      You are clearly hating because you don’t like black actors and is against body art… go back to your circuit parties and keep looking for your skeevy squeeky clean with meat heads…

      Back to Culter and Ink… this is really hot! I’m intrigued by the roughness and force which Culter impales Ink! Ink seems like he can take it well! I would have love to see Culter suck Ink’s dick! Great scene!

      1. Body art is subjective. I think his ink is well done, but I don’t care for its placement above the collar or past the sleeve.

        There are plenty of beautiful black men in gay porn. Ace Rockwood, Xavier Zane, Rogan Hardy, DeAngelo Jackson, super stud Rahiem Shabazz, and gorgeous bi-racial Corbin Colby. Cutler X is unattractive and boring.

        Together this was a boner killer just as much as a circuit party of coked-out roid rats or bitter queens who make up fancy names to bitch about other’s opinions

        Let’s not forget NS/FS Exclusive Reign. The Black Adonis with good taste in ink

  2. That’s some well-done ink he has, but once you go past the shirt collar or sleeves it becomes comical and repulsive. Cutler is just plain repulsive

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