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Boy Smells Made a Poppers Candle—But First Their Staff Tried Rush on Zoom

We were surprised when Boy Smells announced its Pride Month candle scent would be a poppers-scented candle called Citrush. (Officially, it’s described as “citrus high of pomelo, black pepper + musks.”)

We were even more surprised when they posted an internal Zoom call as part of their campaign, in which Boy Smells’ head of e-commerce, Zach, led a group inhale of poppers.

“Are we OK to do this from an HR standpoint?” he asked.

“Sure!” the HR employee said gamely.

Zach proves himself to be a natural with the little brown bottle, ably demonstrating how to sniff from one nostril while his co-workers look on. “Are you an expert, Zach?” one of them asks him. He doesn’t answer; he just keeps sniffing. Sounds like a yes to us! And then, one by one, we see them taking their first whiff of poppers, too.

“Kinda feels like the room is spinning,” one of them said, and Zach clapped in glee.

“Why do you keep dancing like that?” someone else asks Zach.

“Because that’s what you do on poppers,” he replied. That’s not usually what we envision ourselves doing if we ever need to clean the ol’ VCR, but considering that this was basically a team-building exercise, we’ll allow it.

And now, we haven’t tried the candle, but we suddenly want to. Have you?

And if you do get the candle, make it a self-care night: Light up that Citrush wick and tune in to some content on NakedSword!

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