rafael alencar fucks brandon evans

Brandon Evans Finally Owns His Inner Power Bottom

Then again, with Rafael Alencar doing the topping, Brandon didn’t have much choice.

Brandon Evans has come a long way from his Broke Straight Boys days despite them being not that long ago. Lately, he’s been taking it raw at Bromo. He offered his ass for butt pong at Dude Dorm. Through it all, he always portrayed the reluctant bottom. That boy has left the building.

Rafael Alencar has a lot to dish out. Today in “The Third Wheel Part 1”, Brandon took it all. And gladly.

rafael alencar fucks brandon evansNot that there’s any direct correlation with Brandon’s hot stint as the butt boy of the day, but with his body hair grown out, he’s become one sexy, furry piece of ass. Unfortunately, Men.com reaches into the “straight couple” looking to experiment trope again. Brandon and Rafael actually pull it off far better than most. The same can be said for the sex.

rafael alencar fucks brandon evansThankfully, the fish factor leaves the scene and soon Rafael’s mammoth dick is being very well acquainted with the back of Brandon’s throat. Rafael bends him over and opens up Brandon’s hole to prepare for the coming invasion. By the time Brandon’s on his back, Rafael is doing the one handed jab-and-stab with Brandon’s dick at full mast for the occasion.

rafael alencar fucks brandon evansRafael’s body is as stiff as his dick as he takes Brandon’s hole from the top, from the side, and finally on his back. The load Papa Rafa fucks out Brandon shoots all the way to his upper pecs as Rafael’s fat, uncut hose streams his nut right on top.

[Watch Brandon Evans & Rafael Alencar in “The Third Wheel Part 1” at Men.com]

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