Breaking: Tommy Defendi Signs As A Cocky Boy

For weeks I’ve been hearing rumors that Tommy Defendi–whose contract with Raging Stallion recently ended–had signed with a new studio, and these pictures coupled with this tweet prove it: Tommy Defendi is now a Cocky Boys exclusive. Above, my boyfriend and yours joins fellow Cocky Boys exclusives Mason Star and Gabriel Clark at an event today during Montreal’s gay pride festival. [Photos via Erik Schut]


15 thoughts on “Breaking: Tommy Defendi Signs As A Cocky Boy”

  1. Bit of a shame he’s leaving Raging Stallion. He’s definitely done some awesome work for them.

    Wonder if they parted on good terms. I mean there’s only so much one guy and one studio can do with each other, so it’s probably best for both.

  2. wow he has seriously put a lot of dedication to his body! I wasn’t a huge fan of his when he first became a RS exclusive but now he has really grown on me!

  3. Man, TD looks fantastic! He does look left-out in that first photo, though. Hope they can think of something to make him feel better. :()

  4. Tommy is a very good looking guy and I have enjoyed his work in the different studios over the years and look forward to seeing him in all his glory with those hot cocky boys! Gee Zach i thought Chris Porter was your bf ;) from all the way back in your former life as an unzipped contributor with your praises (and I was right there with you…..) Now you have Tommy ? Save some cuties for the rest of us ok :P

  5. I have been very happy with the output of RS/Falcon since the merger but it seems their exclusives are fleeing the nest. Wassup with that?
    And correct me if I am wrong but even with your crush on MS, and the highly-publicized reboot, Cockyboys doesn’t seem to have attained a high level of popularity. Couldn’t TD have done more and better work as a free agent?
    I guess there is so much I dont know because so many career moves seem to make no sense to me.

    1. Cockyboys is perfect for this guy! He has the look and the attitude of the other CockyBoys. From what I’ve seen on the internet CockyBoys is everywhere on blogs etc so I don’t see how they are not popular? Plus the site and videos are better than ALOT of sites I’ve seen lately. I think Tommy will end up doing some really aggressive crazy movies with them. Cant wait : ::)

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