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Necessary Roughness

It gets rough in the dungeon. With every crack of his riding crop, Jordan whips the “boy-next-door” out of Brendan Phillips.

The Hot House vision of gay porn with an edge; fists, leather, bondage, was resurrected last week with the return of Hot House’s longest running and most infamous series of them all, “Skuff”. Its latest incarnation is Rough Trade.

The dark story of power, control, and the interplay between doms and subs continues today with Brendan Phillips and Jordan.

phillipsjordan-1aJordan got his start at ChaosMen and also filmed for Next Door. But he quickly found the home for a perverted leather man was at Hot House. His first willing victim was Brandon Moore. There was that three-way where he and Jimmy Durano tag banged Theo Ford in “Submissive”. His latest conquest is Brendan Phillips.

brendan phillips jordan rough trade hot houseBrendan tried to rough it up with Jaxton Wheeler, but it wasn’t convincing. He did much, much better with Ryan Rose in their gear-focused scene in “Slicked Up”. But today with Jordan, he completes that journey to become a willing and captive sub.

brendan phillips jordan rough trade hot houseA still blindfolded Brendan is on is his knees being skull fucked with the red marks from the crop across ass cheeks showing what had happened before this. His slobbering on Jordan’s fat cock is matched by the amount spit dripping from his hole after Jordan’s tongue primes it for what is coming next.

brendan phillips jordan rough trade hot houseJordan’s hand grabs the back of Brendan’s jock as a handle to pull him back as Jordan slams forward with powerful, primal thrusts.

3-phillipsjordanMoving to the sling, Jordan’s powerful fucking has Brendan gasping. Jordan extricates his bloated bone and fires his load all over Brendan’s still pink cheeks. Brendan jerks his nut onto his abs. Jordan leans and delivers a final, sweaty kiss of approval. Well done, dom and sub.

[Watch Brendan Phillips & Jordan in “Skuff: Rough Trade 1” scene one]

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