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Brent Corrigan & Griffin Barrows: Beauty & Release

Individually, Brent and Griffin are mouthwatering. Together, they will elicit juices from your other head.

In a town like San Fransisco, it’s as much what you know as you who. Griffin Barrows rides for a rival service but has always heard the best bicycle delivery outfit to work for is “Urban Spokes”.

After he meets client Brent Corrigan today, he discovers the way to get his foot in the door starts with getting Brent Corrigan all the way up his ass.

Brent Corrigan Griffin Barrows FalconGriffin Barrows is one of the boys of the moment — and deservedly so. But this might be the first time we see him without any fuzz. Fortunately, Brent will be adding some facial decoration in due course. As for Brent, that fine body and face have never been so on point.

Brent Corrigan Griffin Barrows Falcon“If you have another package you’d like me to deliver?” Griffin asks Brent. He drops to his knees and helps himself. After Brent returns the favor he bends Griffin over and fuzzy, hungry cheeks.

Brent Corrigan Griffin Barrows FalconAfter bending him over and plunging deep into Griffin’s hole, they move to the couch. After cycling up and down the hills of Frisco to just get here, this is ride Griffin has wanted since he walked in the door.

Brent Corrigan Griffin Barrows FalconGriffin blasts all over his abs with Brent still buried deep. Now standing over Griffin’s open mouth, Brent shows Griffin his appreciation in rope and rope of the good stuff. Instead of a traditional tip, Brent informs Griffin that at night, “Urban Spokes” becomes a members-only sex club … and he knows the secret handshake.

[Watch Griffin Barrows & Brent Corrigan in “Urban Spokes” scene two at Falcon]

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