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Brent Corrigan Goes Greene For St. Patty’s

Brent Corrigan is a ginger. Ian Greene’s ass is peach. And today, this ginger is getting peachy.

As we found out last week with Falcon Studios Group JJ Knight and Alex Gray in the premiere of “Hook’d” from Falcon, there’s only one time when it’s OK to go the right. And that is with a swipe.

Grindr may have their new dirty emojis, but when it comes to dating apps, there’s nothing like a hot dick or ass to get you “Hook’d” on hooking up.

brent corrigan ian greene falconNo man is more handsome than when he’s in love – which partially explains why Falcon Studios Group exclusive Brent Corrigan has never looked better. The other part, of course, is that he takes excellent care of himself. And it shows. And today, he showing it off to a very appreciative Ian Greene. We’ll be seeing Ian again soon in “The Ten Spot”, but today, he’s already found the gold at the end of the rainbow.

brent corrigan ian greene falconIan is immediately on his knees servicing Brent’s big dick. Brent slips his fingers down the back of Ian’s underwear to finger his hole, then grabs his phone to take some snaps before snapping into action himself.

brent corrigan ian greene falconBrent may have gotten “Hook’d” after seeing Ian’s ass pic, but there are two pretty peaches today. Just look at the curves of Brent’s butt flexing as he takes Ian to Pound Town.

brent corrigan ian greene falconAfter a full-throttle side-scissors fuck, Brent flips Ian on his back and pummels him double-time until Ian explodes. Then Brent tops it off with his heavy nut before laying on top of Ian and mingling their loads together. Brent doesn’t play coy. He lets Ian know he’s down to play again. Today, both the ginger and the peach are “Hook’d”.

[Watch Ian Greene & Brent Corrigan in “Hook’d” scene two]

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