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Brent Corrigan & Jason Maddox’s Deep, Hole-istic Massage

They both had a need for a “Deep Release”. Brent Corrigan is radiating “fuck me” from every pore. Jason Maddox was powerless to resist.

Like Hot House illustrated the sexual intensity that’s organically part of a workout in “The Trainer”, today Falcon explores the inevitable physical manifestation of strong hands on naked, supple flesh in their new DVD, “Deep Release”.

Director Tony Dimarco has selected a nine strong, all-star lineup where Falcon Studio Group exclusives Brent Corrigan, Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran, and JJ Knight are joined by Alexander Volkov, Brandon Rivers, Brendan Phillips, Colt Rivers, and Jason Maddox.

brent corrigan jason maddox flip fuck falconThis isn’t the old “you look tense, want a massage?” trope. This is a sexually elegant exploration of what happens between muscled clients and their masseurs. In this first scene, just look at Brent Corrigan from head to toe. Then those curves of Jason Maddox’s ass. It’s no wonder they couldn’t control themselves.

brent corrigan jason maddox flip fuck falconIt may be Halloween, but those round, meaty cheeks of Brent’s ass look more like a Thanksgiving meal. Brent reaches over and fondles the growing bulge in Jason’s pants and soon finds himself with a mouthful.

brent corrigan jason maddox flip fuck falconThen Brent soon finds himself with an ass full of Jason’s tongue. Then his dick. Jason’s low hanger are slapping against Brent’s cheeks until that massage table becomes the fulcrum for a flip. Brent works Jason’s hole and dick in tandem like the master he is.

brent corrigan jason maddox flip fuck falconJason and Brent know you can’t get too much of a good thing. They flip once more. Brent uses his strong legs to ride himself to a huge blast that goes past Jason’s head, with the rest puddling down on Jason’s abs. As for Jason’s load, he finds out that Brent is also very talented with his hands.

[Watch Brent Corrigan & Jason Maddox in “Deep Release” scene one]

Costumes may be overrated, but saving money never is.
Enjoy “Deep Release” and every Falcon scene at half-off during their Halloween special.

3 thoughts on “Brent Corrigan & Jason Maddox’s Deep, Hole-istic Massage”

  1. Yeah! A new scene with forever gorgeous Brent! More, More, More and More of Brent. Next time with Lance Luciano, a “encore with Theo Ford -flip-flop this time, Sebastian Kross -flip-flop- too.
    More, more, More, More of Brent.

  2. I I’ve done this! Does that make me kinda gay?

    Of course it does! I knew it when I was 5 or 6. Maybe not the words, but definitely the desires…;-)

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