brent corrigan jj knight flip fuck

JJ Knight Makes Brent Corrigan Say “Uncle”

If they don’t win, all will be lost. Uncle JJ is at the end of his rope. There’s only way to calm him down. And that’s with someone riding his dick … no matter who it is.

As we’ve seen in “MXXX: The Hardest Ride” from NakedSword Originals, that time after time after time, our rag-tag bunch of bikers with some dreams are about to see them all go up in smoke.

And it’s their own fault. They’ve put more mileage on each other than they have on the track.

The guys know if they don’t win the motocross competition all will be lost. They also know they don’t even have the money to enter and Uncle JJ has more bills than bucks. His temper is raging. In fact, everything about Uncle JJ is raging right now.

brent corrigan jj knight flip fuckTom Faulk can’t handle the conflict and he took off on his bike. That led nephew Brent Corrigan to work his magic. He needed to calm down Uncle JJ and get him to raise the entrance fee. The secret to both is in his Uncle’s jeans. And he knows it.

brent corrigan jj knight flip fuckUncle JJ has more than had it. He’s ready to let the bank take the ranch and everyone fend for themselves. “Don’t pull away from me. Please,” Brent implores. He then pulls in Uncle JJ for the kind of kiss you feel all the way down to your toes. But for Brent and JJ, it wasn’t on their toes but their dicks. And their holes. And all the above are going to get a workout today.

brent corrigan jj knight flip fuckJJ has had a taste of he wants then takes what he needs. Brent spreads his ass cheeks and JJ dives in with all ten inches. Once they move to the weight bench, Brent has some needs too. Some deep needs that has Uncle JJ going from fucker to fuckee.

brent corrigan jj knight flip fuckBrent’s plan is well underway. Uncle JJ’s tone has softened, but not his dick. “It’s my turn” he announces and plunges deep back into Brent, cranking up the speed for a full throttle ass reaming. JJ keeps drilling as Brent explodes all over his abs.

brent corrigan jj knight flip fuckAfter a passionate lip lock, JJ unloads all over Brent’s still hard dick in a chain of five cum rips that leave them both soaked. Finally, Tom returns with a shoulder full of stitches and some explaining to do. And with one piece of enlightenment: sometimes it’s what happens not on the track but in real life that really matters. In “MXXX: The Hardest Ride”, that’s how they roll.

[Watch Brent & JJ in “Your Secret’s Safe With Uncle” scene four from “MXXX: The Hardest Ride” at NakedSword]

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brent corrigan jj knight flip fuck
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