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Popping Osch Weldon’s Cherry

Talking about starting at the top. Newcomer Osch Weldon gets broken in by superstar Brent Corrigan in the “Mojave Heat” finale.

Though Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight are setting up BC Homestead, their new production company, he is making sure “Mojave Heat” goes out with a bang by giving Osch Weldon his first dick on camera.

Speaking of going out with a bang, not sure how many unreleased Falcon scenes there are with Brent, but there’s at least more from the upcoming “A Night At The Entourage” with Brett Dylan that will go live mid-month.

First, we had Kyler Ash and Carter Michaels. Then there was Brett Dylan and JJ Knight. Last week was Damien Nichols and Ryan Rose. Today, it’s Brent turn to show Osch that sometimes, beating the heat meaning getting hot first. Now let the music play …

gay porn star osch weldon“Brent Corrigan finds Osch Weldon playing his guitar on the patio and instantly locks lips with the musical hunk. They quickly move it to the bedroom where they rush to get each other out of their clothes.”

gay porn star osch weldonAfter Osch’s mouth gets Brent’s cock to full capacity, Brent returns the favor then opens Osch’s smooth ass with his tongue.

gay porn star osch weldonIt may be Osch’s first time getting fucked on camera, but that didn’t stop Brent from going the full Corrigan on his hole.

gay porn star osch weldonBrent didn’t let up as he flipped Osch on his back and pounded him until he flooded his abs. Then it was Brent turn’s to cream Osch’s crotch as “Mojave Heat” cums to a close.

[Watch Osch & Brent in “Mojave Heat” scene four at Falcon]

Osch Weldon is a cutie. How do you guys like him?

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