brent corrigan skyy knox flip fuck

Is This Brent Corrigan & Skyy Knox Flip The Hottest Scene Of The Year?

This is appointment pornography. Bodies, lips, loads, and worlds collide in the boundary pushing finale of “Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2”.

Now it becomes clear. Rogue (Skyy Knox) escaped the iron fist of Devil (Dean Monroe) and fled to Earth for safety. Dark Angel Lucky (Brent Corrigan) is a servant of Lord (Andrew Stark), the Devil’s nemesis.

When Lucky rescued Rogue, it upset the natural order and united Devil and Lord with a common goal: revenge.

brent corrigan skyy knox flip fuckWe’ve been to Devil’s lair. We’ve been to Lord’s underworld. But today, Rogue and Lucky create their own Heaven. The darkness and growls are replaced by bright lights and celestial tones. This is not a one-sided affair. With barely exchanging a word, it becomes clear. Rogue and Lucky come together to deliver each other from their respective masters to architect a future of their own in the most intimate way possible.

brent corrigan skyy knox flip fuckRogue still has his powers. A pass of his hand over Lucky’s head and he understands how he got there. And where he must go. There’s a passionate, beholden quality they have for each other seldom seen on the screen be it big or blue. And all this fuels an encounter as primal as anything we’ve seen before.

brent corrigan skyy knox flip fuckLucky reciprocates. First, sliding his tongue along Rogue’s crack, then rubbing his cock right down the center. Rogues arches his back and longs to be closer. The elixir of desire and need drips out of every pore of their unhumanley perfect bodies.

brent corrigan skyy knox flip fuckWith care and purpose, Lucky takes Rogue from behind. But as Lucky lays back on the bed, Rogue uses his powerful legs to raise and lower himself, captaining his own sexual destiny.

brent corrigan skyy knox flip fuckThen Rogue stands and drives powerfully in Lucky. Unable to hold back the need to seal their connection, Lucky cums into Rogue’s mouth, who then snowballs it back in slow, meaningful kisses. Kneeling over Lucky’s face, Rogue shoots his load right into Lucky’s open mouth. Their world, for now, is complete. But even as they drift off, storm clouds from the others worlds are closing in. Will that play out in “Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 3″? Watch this blog.

[Watch Brent & Skyy in “Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2” scene six at Falcon]

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