Brent Everett Comes Back For More Scenes With, Will Fuck Dario Beck First

A teaser for a series called Inside Brent Everett just went up, which seems to feature an extended interview with the ever popular, veteran porn star about what he likes in a man, and in a fuck.

Says Brent, who is currently in a well publicized long-distance throuple with husband Steve Pena and a bartender Steve met in DC, Jayson Smith, “It’s amazing how everyone represents something from their place. The way the look, or the way they touch… I don’t have a specific type of guy I like. I don’t want to do just porn. I want to fuck, I want to make love, and do anything than just the job.”

And for Inside Brent Everett Part 1, he’ll be fucking, or making love to, Dario Beck, in what will be Dario’s third scene as a non-exclusive with either Falcon/Raging Stallion, or TitanMen before that.

The sepia-filtered scene goes live on December 4th, and like that series earlier this year, it’s a co-production of and Brent’s own site,

Here, by the way, was Dario’s first scene for, just out yesterday: Truck Stop Part 1, in which he bottoms for Colby Jansen.

[ Truck Stop Part 1]
[ Inside Brent Everett Part 1] (released December 4)

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