brian bonds fucks teddy bryce naked sword

And Clean Ups A Sleaze

Brian Bonds doesn’t just have a dirty mind, he also has a dirty house. So when Teddy Bryce was looking for some odd jobs in the hopes of “Making Rent”, he was the right man for this dirty job.

We caught the sneak peek of “Making Rent”, the new movie from NakedSword Originals, yesterday, and today we have the big premiere.

“You live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, you’re broke and rent is due. So what’s a handsome, well-built bro with a huge cock, hungry hole and no money supposed to do? You need to get out there and start “Making Rent”.

brian bonds fucks teddy bryce naked swordBrians Bonds’ dirty exploits were well on display in front of a cheering crowd at last year’s HustlaBall. Last time we saw him in a NakedSword Originals production, he was flip-fucking with Mickey Taylor in “Layover”. He’s all top today and Teddy Bryce, making his studio debut, wouldn’t have it any other way. Any other way than hard and deep that is.

brian bonds fucks teddy bryce naked sword“Brian Bonds calls houseboy Teddy Bryce to come and give his kitchen a deep cleaning. While Teddy works up a sweat Brian spies on the young tattoo’d hunk and offers him 3x the money if he’ll work naked.

brian bonds fucks teddy bryce naked swordBefore you can say, “rent’s due”, Teddy is down on his knees deep-throating Brian.

brian bonds fucks teddy bryce naked swordBrian didn’t know Teddy could cook. But when Teddy turns around and perches his elbows on the countertop, Brian scarfed down a quick snack before invading that inked ass with his now very hungry dick.

brian bonds fucks teddy bryce naked swordBrian pulls out, spins Teddy around, licks the precum from Teddy’s dripping pole before hoisting them both to the top of the kitchen island where Teddy spurs Brian on to get the just that kind of aggressive anal assault he craves.

While fully impaled, Teddy blasts his nut all over Brian’s fur. What Brian doesn’t scoop up and eat, Teddy feeds him. Snowball swap number one shares the wealth. Then Teddy gets his tongue over Brain’s cockhead where it becomes a sponge for Brian’s nut. Brian shudders visibly as Teddy ATM’s Brian’s uber-sensitive dick before snowball swap number two means his work is done.

Have a feeling Teddy will be knocking again when “Making Rent” becomes an issue again next month? Me too.

[Watch Teddy & Brian in “Making Rent” scene one, “House Boy” at NakedSword]

It gets better. You can watch “Making Rent” and have full, instant access to the over 20,000 plus scenes at the “Netflix of Gay Porn,” NakedSword, at the lowest price available anywhere.
In an offer exclusive to The Sword, you can see it all for $4.95.


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