bridger watts sucks dante martin

Guess Where Dante Martin Sticks His Dick Today?

Clue numero uño: it goes in Bridger Watts.

Indeed, Dante Martin sticks his big, pretty dick in Bridger Watts today.

No, that long overdue moment where Bridger gives up his ass doesn’t arrive with the first of March.

But not often seen on camera is the mighty fine sight of Bridger chowing down on some cock.

First, a stop at The Sword’s Pornback Machine™
bridger watts sucks dante martinIt was in July of 2015 that he premiered on the blue screen as Draven Caine at BrokeStraightBoys. Those baby blue eyes still twinkle, and he’s still a handsome man. But Bridger, friend to friend, things are looking a little soft below the equator. Fewer carbs and more gym time are needed if you’re going to stay in this game.

bridger watts sucks dante martinToday, Dante Martin is a rich, gay man who needs sexual companionship. Bridger thinks he’s there for a handyman interview. But Dante needs some reassurance before he gives him free reign of the house. So of course, he offers his ass instead. Way to go, again, NextDoorRaw (NDR). Can’t they ever just fuck? Why do you always have to denigrate gay sexuality with cheating, force, or in the case today, the exchange of cash.

bridger watts sucks dante martinIn NDR speak, this is described as Dante’s job interview to test his qualifications to “steward any assets Dante might entrust to him.”

bridger watts sucks dante martinThis is also another instance where NDR’s belaboring the story tires out the performers. By the time we finally get to the raw fucking, it’s almost the 32-minute-mark in a 46-minute scene.

bridger watts sucks dante martinBridger pulls out and shoots his load across Dante’s ass cheeks. With his legs still shaking, Dante jacks his nut directly onto the floor. Considering that last time he shot above his head, this position squandered an opportunity with one of best super-soakers around. Pity.

[Watch Dante Martin & Bridger Watts in “Hard Money” at NextDoorRaw]

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