Carter Woods, Elliot Finn

Bro Out With Hard Balls & Soupy Sacs

Do sweaty sports jocks get you horned up? I have a weakness for sports bros, most recently drooling over The Hottest Hockey Jocks in the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Now Next Door keeps my love for glistening balls alive as it heads to the basketball court.

That’s where bros Carter Woods and Elliot Finn play some one-on-one, which is even better when they take off their shirts and flex for us as they shoot and score. And Carter actually shows off some impressive ball-handling skills (like, actual sports ball skills!), which makes me want him even more.

Carter Woods, Elliot Finn Carter Woods, Elliot Finn

They head inside where they indulge in some smooching and bod contact, with Elliot licking up his bud’s hairy pit before kissing him. They’re soon in a hot 69, with Elliott gagging on Carter’s rod.

Carter Woods, Elliot Finn Carter Woods, Elliot Finn

Carter licks Elliot’s hairy hole before pounding him doggy, then turns the bottom over (the piledriver position gives us a nice shot of Elliot’s low hangers). And for all the flack Elliot takes for his insistence on bottoming (what with being gay for pay and not being able to keep it up as a top), he actually sports some decent wood in some shots as he takes it on his back.

Carter Woods, Elliot Finn

Do you like sweaty sports bro sex?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


5 thoughts on “Bro Out With Hard Balls & Soupy Sacs”

  1. Yo,you look like a bitter old queen,take the high road,if you can’t say anything nice,don’t say anything at all

    1. nah – there are just better scenes out there – hoping for higher quality and better content (esp. if you’re a subscriber & you’ve seen better work from the performers)

    2. Stop looking in the mirror, bad enough its cracked in a thousand pieces. As for the bitter old queen that fits you to a “T”!!!!!!!

  2. two solid performers with zero chemistry and, having watched the whole scene, poor videography – felt like it was all phoned in

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