King Bryce, Brock Banks

Brock Banks Likes It Rough

Ever since that scene last year when Brock Banks said “I just want to be treated like a slut” by Austin Wolf and then submitted to the muscle daddy, he’s embraced that other side of himself that we didn’t see as much. And he just keeps going!

I was accustomed to seeing Brock as the alpha (remember him throwing Tannor Reed around like a rag doll with bro Sharok?), but we’ve seen him bend over a lot more in the latter half of his career. I love how this big-dicked top has become a big-dicked bottom, a voracious cock hog who loves getting stuffed at both ends. And after making his debut at CutlersDen back in June, Brock us back for his third go at the studio—once again as a bottom.

King Bryce, Brock Banks King Bryce, Brock Banks

King Bryce, Brock Banks King Bryce, Brock Banks

And if you liked seeing Austin have his way with Brock, you’ll be thrilled to see King Bryce take it even further. I was giddy to see the King finally return to the Den back in February after nearly two years away. And his scene destroying Luke Truong was on of my favorites from the studio this year. This man’s body is just ridiculous, and I could watch it do anything all day.

King Bryce, Brock Banks King Bryce, Brock Banks

King Bryce, Brock Banks King Bryce, Brock Banks

After some hot smooching, Brock gobbles up that hard cock like a man possessed, wrapping his lips around it and barley coming up for air once he gets going. Bryce is rock hard as he eats the bottom’s beautiful ass in a 69, then pins him to the bed. The sit-down fuck with Brock’s ass and Bryce’s shaft coated in a sloppy mess of white ass froth is delicious. The King has his way with Brock, jamming the bottom’s head against the bedpost as he fucks him doggy, fucking his face deep, and gripping Brock’s neck as he fucks him missionary—all the while his huge muscles glistening with sweat (it really is quite intoxicating to look at!).

Do you like it this rough?

See the full scene at CutlersDen!


10 thoughts on “Brock Banks Likes It Rough”

  1. Yeah Brock is very attractive and I enjoy him as a performer but his takes on twitter are tragic. He gives liberals like myself a bad name.

  2. Universal Potentate

    So I love Brock as a porn actor, but I tried following his Twitter for a minute.
    He’s a political Karen. He’s very “everyone must agree with my ultra-woke beliefs and sign all my petitions or you’ll be blocked or dragged and you deserve it!”
    He’s the kinda guy who talks about “being positive” before telling you his perception of everyone else’s faults.
    And his friends include guys like Porfimus and Austin Avery who are NOT like that at all. They are extremely likable!
    Again … great performer. He’s just better with a dick in his mouth.

      1. That you’re thinking of an actor, never mind one in porn, as a ‘hero’ in any sense of the word is an sign that the problem lies with you, and not them.

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