Brodie Fucks a Hands-Free Cumshot Out of Muscle Stud Joey at Sean Cody

At about the 15:40 mark in the new scene from Sean Cody, the newly mega-muscled Joey is riding Brodie’s cock reverse cowboy, and he just shoots a load without even touching himself. Joey said the scene was actually hard to shoot because “every time he shoves his dick in me it makes me want to shoot my load.”

You can see that, too, a few minutes earlier when Brodie is pounding him missionary-style on the couch and Joey just shoves him off and stands up, clearly because he was probably about to cum.

Basically, these two are ridiculously hot together, and and Joey is clearly — CLEARLY — in love with Brodie’s cock, and can’t stop telling him how “fucking hot” he is.

And I can’t stop staring at Joey’s amazing fucking pecs.

[Sean Cody: Brodie and Joey]

3 thoughts on “Brodie Fucks a Hands-Free Cumshot Out of Muscle Stud Joey at Sean Cody”

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  2. Joey is awesome. He’s a good looking muscle man who loves to bottom and damn do I love watching him bottom. He also seems to have a sweet personality. Joey: put the heavy weights down. Do lots of reps with lighter weights. You are muscled up enough. Don’t make the mistake thinking that bigger and bigger is better. At this point your body rivals the porn god Kris Evans.

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