Brodie Returns To Sean Cody After Three-Year Break, to Pound Blake

It’s been three years Brodie has been seen fucking on Sean Cody. The boyish bloom has left his body since 2012, and so have the condoms at SC, and today’s he’s back getting a massage from, and then fucking, hungry bottom Blake.

Blake and Brodie do look good together. Brodie’s fans will likely get over the missing treasure trail that met an unfortunate fate with a razor and console themselves with his thicker upper body. Blake has stayed furry all along, and we’ve noted before his love of getting fucked. After “welcome home” nuzzling, smooching, licking and sucking, Brodie ultimately climbs on Blake and gives that hole a sound pounding.

Using The Sword’s PornBack machine, check out what a difference four years makes. Do you prefer Brodie circa 2010 or the 2015 model?


Is it his appearance or the appearance — or lack there of — of condoms, or both, that makes a difference to you?
As you will see below, Blake had no trouble with decision making…except perhaps which position he wanted to get fucked in first.


















[SeanCody: Brodie & Blake: Bareback]


10 thoughts on “Brodie Returns To Sean Cody After Three-Year Break, to Pound Blake”

  1. I like both versions. What I don’t miss are the condoms!!
    What I do miss is watching Brodie bottom…with that great ass…wow!!
    Take a look at when he bottoms for Brandon He is close to being one of the great bottoms..GIVE US SOME MORE AND CLIMB TO THE TOP!!!!

  2. That’s not very likely Ted. He’d get fired quick if they found out. Their folks doing porn just isn’t something they tolerate and they would invariably find out.

    1. Interesting. I’m a flight attendant too, and spotted him at a hotel bar in London, sitting at a table that was all crew from a different airline, so I’m thinking you’re as observant as I am! LOL

  3. Blake is my favorite Sean Cody model by far. He’s absolutely gorgeous and stunningly handsome, and he also visibly enjoys having sex. I have no doubt he is at least bi. If I was a rich old politician, Blake would be the first one I’d hire.

    1. Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth. I love me some Blake and what turns me on most about him is his sheer enjoyment getting plowed by a big dick. Add that he’s cute with a great body and he too is my favorite SC model, though honestly I’m not familiar with a lot of them.

  4. I’m glad he’s back. He was always hot, and probably my favorite SC model of all-time, but I think I like his current look just a little bit more than his previous look. If they can get get him to bottom more often, I’d probably subscribe again. Considering he’s only done it 3 times to date, it’s about time he shows some more versatility.

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