brogan reed sebastian kross

What Exactly Is Brogan Reed Thirsty For?

After fours away, Brogan Reed resurfaced at Jason Sparks a couple of years ago. Since that’s always a fluid situation over there, he must need something they don’t have. And today, he gets it.

If Brogan Reed has been thirsty for a decent studio, after six and one-half years, he’s back at Raging Stallion. If he’s been searching for chiseled, hung, and ass-plundering co-star, he’s got that and more with Sebastian Kross in the latest from “The Thirst Is Real”.

The thirst is also mutual. As we saw when he was paired with Derek Bolt in “Ultra Sex,” what makes Sebastian parched is a strapping, dick loving hungry bottom begging to be taken.

brogan reed sebastian kross
Six and one-half years away and we call in The Sword’s Pornback Machine™. Hot then, hot now. Even more so. Even better, that scruff and body fur has spread all the way to the cheeks of that beautiful bubble butt of his.

brogan reed sebastian kross
Just look at that ass. I told you the thirst was mutual. As nearly perfect as Sebastian Kross’ body always is, his abs appear even more cut and, joy of joy, his treasure trail is back. The term treasure trail is not honorary today. Starting at Sebastian’s lips, Brogan follows that trail all the way down.

brogan reed sebastian kross
As you can see, deep-throating isn’t Brogan’s only oral trick with dicks this size. Next Sebastian’s tongue goes on its own feeding frenzy in Brogan’s beefy hole.

brogan reed sebastian kross
Sebastian thrusts up from the bottom as Brogan sits on his dick. Then Brogan uses those meaty legs to raise and lower himself on Sebastian’s dick, Brogan’s big balls swinging in anticipation. Look at Rogan’s face. He’s feeling every inch. And loving it.

brogan reed sebastian kross
Quite a view. Two eight-packs connected by a dick and hole. Sebastian takes him until he’s had his fill. He gets Brogan on the knees and blows a gigantic load right onto Brogan’s furry pecs. Then Brogan’s cum rises in massive spurts that go all the way to eye level. Thirst quenched.

[Watch Brogan Reed & Sebastian Kross in “The Thirst Is Real” scene three]

2 thoughts on “What Exactly Is Brogan Reed Thirsty For?”

  1. Why do I have a feeling Brogan Reed is going to be one of those guys we’ll hear about either ODing somwhere or living in a van.

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