bruce beckham fucks bruno bernal raging stallion

Bruce Beckham & Bruno Bernal Go Beyond Thunderdome

If all men look like Bruce Beckham in the future … bring on the apocalypse.

One of the conquering heroes in the gay porn world of 2016 was Bruce Beckham. All the more remarkable considering his return was in the latter half of the year.

All the fitting he ends things as a literal conquering of Falcon Studios Group exclusive Bruno Bernal in the premiere in “Wasteland”.

bruce beckham fucks bruno bernal raging stallion“Wasteland” is a gritty and sexually charged chronicle of gay sex crafted by Steve Cruz for Raging Stallion. We’re accustomed to seeing Bruce with every hair place above the neck and most of the hair below is just a memory. What we have today is the opposite. Even given of the dystopian reality of the movie, the future is looking hotter already.

bruce beckham fucks bruno bernal raging stallionAlong with cockroaches and an icon or too, we learn what else will survive the apocalypse; the perfection of Bruno’s prized Brazilian ass.

bruce beckham fucks bruno bernal raging stallionA thwarted escape attempt meant Bruno was under Bruce’s control. Even in the future, the punishment has to fit the crime even if that black dildo is almost too big to fit into Bruno.

bruce beckham fucks bruno bernal raging stallionBruno managed to deep throat Bruce’s fat bone>/a> all the way balls. Bruce pounds his way until Bruno’s other cheeks were getting smacked by Bruce’s balls too. Only this time, the only thing that gets managed is Bruno until he gets a dose of reality right to the face.

[Watch Bruno Bernal & Bruce Beckham in “Wasteland” scene one]

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