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The Bruce Beckham & Jesse Jackman Flip Ten Years In The Making

As it turns out, maybe love really can pay the “Rent”.

“Rent”, the TitanMen tale of muscle, sweat, and cum premiered last week. Seems David Benjamin and Dallas Steele are living above their means and have resorted to turning their vacation home into a “Gay and Stay” for some extra cash.

Checking into the bearBnB are their first guests, Bruce Beckham and TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman.

bruce beckham jesse jackman titanmenToday, Bruce and Jesse are a couple celebrating their tenth anniversary. Pretending to be a couple is one thing. Convincingly making love like one is a different matter. The frenzied, primal undercurrent of last week, and indeed of many TitanMen films, has been augmented with a romantic, passionate and connected scene while still packing the lust and loads.

Not to take anything away from Jesse’s acting abilities, but I don’t think appearing to have a torch for Bruce Beckham would be that much of a challenge for anyone. TitanMen shared this BTS clip between Bruce and director Jasun Mark exclusively with The Sword.

bruce beckham jesse jackman titanmenLike any proper celebration, today’s begins with a toast. Then they rub their 5 o’clock shadows against each other as they kiss. It’s quite a meat fest. And they’re hungry.

bruce beckham jesse jackman titanmen
Cocks are out. Mouths are full. And soon, so are their asses. Bruce goes first. The condition of his dick registers the quality of the fuck. Damn, is that one handsome man.

bruce beckham jesse jackman titanmen
Then it’s Jesse’s turn. Bruce works every inch of Jesse from the inside out until both those dicks explode. Celebration cumplete.

[Watch Bruce Beckham and Jesse Jackman in “Rent” scene two]

A little romance a welcome addition to your blue screen viewing or are you just here for the action?

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