bruce beckham josh conners fx rios primal raging stallion

Bruce Beckham & FX Rios Double Team Josh Conners

Just how far will a hole stretch is one of the most “Primal” questions of them all.

Man magnet Bruce Beckham is a hairy, built stud. FX Rios is tatted, pierced, and lean. Josh Conners is handsome, smooth, and muscled.

The latest from “Primal” by Raging Stallion uses Josh Conner’s talented mouth as the hole in question with the fat, uncut dicks of man magnet Bruce Beckham and FX Rios doing the stretching.

We’ve asked if oral scenes are enough to get you off first in the spring of 2015 then later that summer. The results ran from “YAWN” in all caps to “Emphatically YES!!!” with exclamation points. The new question today is does your answer change when the hummer-centric scene is not a duo but a three-way with these big dicks and that hot mouth?

bruce beckham josh conners fx rios primal raging stallionJosh Conners is also well equipped for the big jobs of the day. We saw that a couple of weeks ago when he engulfed JJ Knight’s donkey-dong right down to the balls. He’s not the only one. FX Rios never met a hole his big dick didn’t want to fill. And Bruce Beckham has already shown he has more than enough cock for one man to handle when took on Adam Deluca and Tegan Zayne.

bruce beckham josh conners fx rios primal raging stallionFrom FX’s pierced nips to Bruce’s meaty ass, every opportunity for oral stimulation is exploited. Then so is Josh’s mouth. The intensity of their lips pressing has Josh sinking to his knees, taking first FX’s cock, then Bruce’s.

bruce beckham josh conners fx rios primal raging stallionWhen Bruce and FX rub the tips of their cocks together, Josh knows exactly what to do.

bruce beckham josh conners fx rios primal raging stallionWith spit strands and sweat pouring down like rain, Josh’s tongue hit’s Bruce hole. As Bruce jerks out a fat load all over the floor, FX splatters his all over the leather bench. When he’s almost done, Josh’s mouth clamps down on FX’s cockhead as this “Primal” three-way stays good to the last drop.

[Watch Josh Conners, Bruce Beckham & FX Rios in “Primal” scene four]

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