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The Flip That Wouldn’t Quit

By the time Bruce Beckham and Micah Brandt finally got the chance to go at each other, filming a scene went by the wayside as lust took over and the camera be damned.

Chemistry. You hope it happens. You set yourself up for success as best you can. But one thing you can’t script is chemistry.

Micah Brandt and Bruce Beckham had wanted to do a scene together for a long time. So they were ready for anything when that day finally arrived. A flip was preordained. But they were so hot to get their party started, they forgot about one pesky detail. Filming.

All of this plays out in today’s third scene from “L.A. Cruising” from TitanMen.

bruce beckham micah brandt flip fuckDirector Jasun Mark shared with The Sword, “they were so into it that I just let them do their thing. We raced around the guys with the cameras to shoot the action. They were going faster than we were.” And once they slowed down the tempo on the set, that extra time only fueled their lust more. Chemistry is a beautiful thing.

bruce beckham micah brandt flip fuckWhen Bruce freed his beast, Micah barely had time to say, “Jesus!” before that cock filled his windpipe. Bruce barely had time to return the favor before Micah jumped ahead with a “lick it before you dick it” one, two, punch he couldn’t hold back.

bruce beckham micah brandt flip fuckChiefly because he’s one of the hottest bottoms in the business, Micah topping is not a common sight. Today offers a visual reminder that not seeing him do something often doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it well. I would say just ask Bruce, but he was too busy moaning to have been able to answer.

bruce beckham micah brandt flip fuckBut that hot bottom in the business got his chance to do what he does best. And so did Bruce. And while the phrase “fucking the cum out of …” is bandied about a lot, this is what it really looks like.

[Watch Micah & Bruce in “L.A. Cruising” scene three at TitanMen]

With the right guys, flips can really make a scene. But when it comes to Micah, would you rather just see him legs up?

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