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Now This Is A Real Shooting Match

We all know what goes down at a “Gun Show” can be a real eye opener. But it’s what goes “in” at a “Gun Show” that is the real ball buster.

The mission behind “Gun Show”, the latest from Raging Stallion is simple “Make America Cum Again.” Raging Stallion writes, “Steve Cruz directs this deliciously witty spoof of American firearm culture where the men are men, and their guns are cocked and loaded!

“American firearm culture” AKA the Alt-Right, their gun-toting brethren, and associated others under the spell of “Hair Furor” are the real characters re-envisioned in a gay porn sensibility where their enlightened comes from what they are most afraid of: another man’s dick. And bonus points if he’s foreign born. And to bring all of that to life, Steve Cruz’s casting has never been more load inducing:

Falcon Studios Group exclusive Bruno Bernal  |  Michael Roman  |  Pierce Paris
bruno bernal michael roman pierce parisRaging Stallion exclusive Rikk York  |  Sean Duran  |  Daymin Voss  |  Tristan Jaxx

I got the message loud and queer after the election. You come to The Sword to get away from politics.
bruno bernal michael roman pierce paris Accordingly, “Hey, faggot! We got enough fucking queers in this country,” isn’t something you want to hear in your porn, mute the volume or speed ahead to action – as the action is smoking hot. And frankly, if hearing Bruno say, “I’m not Mexican, I’m from Brazil you fucking idiots” doesn’t tickle your funny bone, remember what they say about he who laughs last.

bruno bernal michael roman pierce parisThe rednecks take Bruno to the back room to teach him a lesson. Little do they know that having two dicks stuffed in his mouth is Bruno’s idea of fun. He let them have their illusion. But even Bruno didn’t know that as it turns out, it’s his tongue up their holes that really makes them squirm.

bruno bernal michael roman pierce parisMichael bends Bruno over the table and stuffs him balls deep while Pierce takes control of the front to complete the spit roast. So, country bumpkins can cook too. Who knew?

bruno bernal michael roman pierce parisPierce wants some of that himself and takes his place inside Bruno. Then Michael’s curiosity gets the better of him and offers up his ass up. And Bruno takes his place too, right on the gun toters’ face. Michael blows a gusher while getting fucked then Paris dumps his load all over to mix with Michael’s juice. As for Bruno’s load, watch Michael’s mouth before it disappears.

After calling them, “fucking assholes,” Bruno swipes their clothes and makes a hasty exit, leaving Michael and Paris naked, cum-covered, and now, in the closet. Remember what I said about he who laughs last …

[Watch Bruno, Michael & Paris in “Gun Show” scene one at Raging Stallion]


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