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Buck Carter Flexes His Chops As A Top

We got to know Buck Carter in our exclusive backstage interview. Today, we get to see a whole new side as his first stint at topping turns into a flip with Derek Jones that GayHoopla thinks is their hottest scene of the year. Are they right?

Buck Carter and the shelf-like melon butt have been the things wet dreams are made of since we first saw it in his solo.

Then we saw Julian Rodriguez be the first lucky fucker to tap that ass. Buck talked about that in our exclusive backstage interview.

This was actually the second scene he filmed. When it was Derek Jones’ turn, he fucked Buck so hard they broke the couch – and that’s how Buck got that bruise on his nose. And both of them ended up with very empty balls.

buck carter derek jones flip fuck gayhoopla“Being a porn producer means that it’s never ok to have sex with the talent. So while a healthy young stud like Derek Jones has needs … we told him ‘if you get tempted… just talk them into doing it on camera and that’s ok.’ Buck claims he got that perfect ass from a combination of squats and bottoming.” After seeing this scene, I don’t doubt that at all.

buck carter derek jones flip fuck gayhooplaWhat we have is two mountains of muscle trying to dominate the other. Buck is a little nervous at first. Derek reminds him, and us, why they call him “Dirty D,” that filthy mouth of his. Buck found a way to make him shut up. All he could do was moan as Buck slammed his dick in and out like a battering ram, loving every thrust.

buck carter derek jones flip fuck gayhooplaBuck’s “melon ass” is so solid and round and perfect, I don’t know how Landon, who filmed this scene, resisted the urge to tap it right there, But once Derek got a look at those glutes in motion in the mirror behind them, getting behind Buck was his new order of business.

buck carter derek jones flip fuck gayhooplaDerek buries his face in that “fucking big ass” and if he didn’t want to fuck it even more than eat it, he might have stayed there forever just for the view.

buck carter derek jones flip fuck gayhooplaDerek slides his dick into Buck and spanks his ass while thrusting in and out and soon Buck is telling Derek to fuck him harder. Derek falls forward, pushing his dick all the way into Buck so hard and that is the moment the leg broke off the couch. The next kind of busting, however happens when they bust their balls.

[Watch “Buck Carter And Derek Jones Muscle Jock FLIP FLOP FUCK” at GayHoopla]

Do you agree with GayHoopla … is this their hottest scene of the year?

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