Bye Bye, Black

I’ve never seen someone tweet an image of a typed message announcing his retirement, but that’s what CockyBoys’ Jett Black just did. It’s unclear if he’s leaving porn completely for a different career, but he probably isn’t headed back to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet anytime soon. Good luck, Jett!

UPDATE: A source close to CockyBoys tells The Sword exclusively that Jett Black was actually fired.

I’m told Jett Black was fired for “several” reasons yet to be revealed, and that those reasons are so major, legal action against him is currently being considered. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, CockyBoys models Jake Bass and Max Ryder are responding to Jett Black’s departure:


84 thoughts on “Bye Bye, Black”

    1. Of course not. This is gay porn, an industry almost completely dominated by non-gay performers. Surely you can’t be surprised.

  1. Never found the guy attractive at all, and found it laughable what a raging queen he is and that he is G4P. Glad he is gone, and I wish he would take those two lesbian douchebags with strapons with him (Max Ryder and Jake Bass of course). Seriously Cockyboys has gone downhill for me and I miss it when they had guys like Jimmy Clay/Coxx and Austin Wilde, guys that actually had a reason to be cocky.

    1. Have you seen the current series ATOB with Colby Keller, Dale Cooper, and Gaberial Clark. Its truly amazing.

  2. Jett Black was just another piece of gay-for-pay trash, so I say thank you to CockyBoys for dumping him. Only wish they would’ve done it sooner!!

        1. so what if nhe’s not gay? is that a default?? so u are gay and everyone in the earth has also to be so?? does the fact that he’s not gay affected the way he has been fucked or he just fucked on camera for u?! get over it!!! he’s just talented, i could say even more talented than some real gays doing gay porns that make me wanna puke as they are real bad actors, non photogéniques, just ugly as fuck!!! don’t u just get it, don’t ya!!!!!!!

    1. “Why I hate Gay For Pay… and other secrets”! Now there is a book title I would search out for and buy in the dollar bin section of an adult book store. If you and your fellow Gay For Pay haters here that is decide to get together and write it… (That was sarcasm not encouragement)

  3. Is THIS what really went down between Jett Black and Jake Jaxson because they’re isn’t enough love to spread around to five gay men?

  4. Jake Bass and Max Ryder are complete douchebags. They’re just mean girls with dicks. Love Jett Black!

  5. fully supporting jett black here, whatever u do, wherever u go, may u always be blessed and find happiness, zen and live your life doing whatever makes u feel good. don’t worry, we’ll be jetts forever, but face it, with a talent like yours a the cutie face u have, u really can do whatever u want. so don’t get sad boy, there u goooooooo, u ruuuuuuule, haters gonna hate forever but never forget, lovers gonna LOOOOOOVEEEEE even more. U GOT IT, DO WHATEVER U WANT, we’ll always have your back. WITH LOTS OF LOVE, always yours truly and faithfully.

  6. Sounds like Jett has a problem with loyalty and keeping commitments….the ballet and now CockyBoys. And Jake Jaxson went out of his way to stand up for Jett publicly just a few weeks ago during the ballet drama, so whatever he did to get let go had to have been really fucked up!

  7. He probably wasn’t paid enough money and found out that other guys make more cash. He’s a cute boy, I hope to see him in a good movie. Those CockyBoys movies filmed on a regular photography camera are terrible to watch, pretty to look at but completely void of sexual arousal, IMO. Good luck in the future Jett!

  8. Well to fire one of the most popular performers on Cockyboys is a stupid move in my opinion. Jett Black was the hottest newcomer and had fans before the R.W.B.C. scandal in Canada. Those who never heard of him before the scandal found out in mainstream media he was a ballet dancer and a porn star. Let’s hope he was not fired because he refused to become yet another hideously tattooed Cockyboy. Has that now become a requirement to be a Cockyboy? Or mere coincidence? Or was this a case of jealous co-stars on the Cockyboys roster demanding Jett Black’s ouster? LIke that has never happened before in the gay porn industry!

  9. Quelle surprise! No doubt an official statement from Cockyboys will follow. Jett Black has done some good work in the past, so let us not forget that!

  10. His post says he’s moving on with his career, not that he’s leaving porn. He’ll be turning up somewhere else soon enough, but perhaps the legal action involves whether he gets involved with another studio during the time he’s under contract with cockyboys. Just because they won’t use him again doesn’t mean they can’t hold him to whatever exclusive contract he signed.

    1. My guess is that it is true otherwise Zach would not have posted that comment (or Zach had a momentary lapse of reason!) Maybe that explains why Michael Lucas wrote what he wrote recently?

      1. Why is it Zachs job to fact check every person’s comment? WTF are you talking about? You guess it’s true or Zach wouldn’t have approved the comment? Is that how they do it in The Netherlands? jeez man.

  11. I used to think that Treasure Island was the scariest cult in gay porn. I now think it’s CockyBoys. They’re an Instagram selfie away from a serving of poison Kool-Aid.

    1. Haha! Oh please. I work there and we’re all nice and far from creepy. Come by the office some day and I’ll give you a tour, you just have to sign a disclaimer at the door and give us your passport…

  12. I have never seen the twinks vids, and I’m not into blond kids, but taking legal action towards an European Citizen, that most likely is as broke as all other porn models his age sounds incredibly stupid to me. What would you get out of that orher than Legal fees?

    1. I didn’t interpret “legal action” as a lawsuit involving money but instead just thought he might be deported or arrested for breaking some kind of law like theft or stealing company property, etc. Either way, he never did anything for me so I’m glad to see him go.

      1. You can’t deport someone who are he legally in the country, and if they wanted to arrest him i’m sure they would have done it all ready. See THAT would be a great story Zach!

  13. It'sgettingreal

    Real word talent? Cause he was in ballet school? Nico are u a porn fan? Why do u not look at pornstars as having talent? I think pornstars have talent espcially ones who are in films where they act and that are screened at mainstream film festivals like RoadStrip was from cockyboys. Who was in that film? max and jake! Sorry but Jett looks like a bitch and like a pixie fairy in his little Balarena outfit. He’s just missing a tutu.

    1. It’s ballerina. Get yourself a spell checker, you seem to need it more than most.

      I know the truth hurts, but there was always more than porn to Jett. Can’t say the same about other people.

      1. It'sgettingreal

        Haha sorry Jett I mean “x” lol. I didn’t mean to spell what you are incorrectly. Lol. So obvious…

    2. I cannot believe my eyes.

      Someone is telling me being in “RoadStrip” is a proof of “talent”, someone is trying to argue that being in porn is on the same level as being a professional Balarena. I really don’t think I should even bother talking to you at this point, I should leave you to your kiki with “Max and Jake”.

      Quoting the wonderfully “talented” Max, “#bye”.

  14. Saw Jett hanging out with Lucas Entertainment director Marc McNamara on Fire Island a few weeks ago…wouldn’t be surprised if he was doing something shady with those fuckers.

    1. InsidiousInsider

      LOL! Lucas just started filming bareback content (and I heard they’re not testing models) so they probably were. From ballet to bareback…nice move Jett Black

      1. Wait, did you just say that LE is starting to produce bareback porn??? Where did you find this info, or were you just kidding? lol

  15. Something always seemed “off” about Jett from the very beginning. And then when the whole phony controversy over the ballet thing came up, I could tell he was a shifty little bitch. BLACK SWAN indeed.

  16. Please, that place is full of little queens, they can’t stand someone with actual real world talent being there to remind them they are absolutely NOTHING without porn.

  17. Good move on cockyboys! Max and jake are hilarious… I’d rather have max and jake over Jett anyday! I wonder what he did to piss off cockyboys. Wherever he goes from cockyboys will be downhill as they are the “it” studio to work with.

  18. Jake and Max are jealous bitches. Poor Jett never stood a chase against those two hyenas. Unlike the gruesome twosome, Jett actually has REAL talent as a trained dancer. The only thing they’re good for is a cheap hole.

  19. Zach, I thought you disabled anonymous posts??

    And do you (Zach) REALLY believe the source? Or are you just reporting what you hear?

  20. Max’s and Jake’s reactions on Twitter hardly seemed supportive and seems to go along way to supporting the theory that cockyboys and Jett had a falling out but even more damming is the lack of direct commentary from daddy cockyboys Jake Jaxson other than a vague reference to feeling like he was punched in the gut. Something is definitely up but either way I adore Jett and hope him the best. He’s insanely talented in so many ways so he’s bound to pull ahead. Poor Jake though if it’s true, he views his pups as family and any sort of nasty break would be painful for him…best wishes to all.

    1. Those petty bitches know who butters their bread. Shouldn’t be surprised they’d side with their master.

      1. becoming? When was he ever not a douchebag? Seems like it’s a CockyBoys requirement. I miss the days when we had porn stars such as Jimmy Clay/Coxx on their roster.

  21. A huge loss for the cockyboys team and for the gay porn scene. This kid had the possibility to finally stand up for our industry and show the mainstream world, that you can be someone and have a valued opinion even though you are an adult performer. I hope he will continue in any way that does him best.

  22. Lol maybe if he wasn’t a shady bitch trying to work for other studios while exclusive and saying bad shit at the grabbys about other cockyboys, they woulda kept him lol. I’m surprised they kept him this long

      1. Yeah, this “pointed” jab seems to be launched from close to the throne. Nothing like an “anonymous” yet “concerned” bystander doing a little damage control.

        Circling the wagons?

  23. that’s too bad. I hope the after effects of the ballet school scandal wasn’t the reason for his leaving. I’d have thought he would have continued in porn a little longer.

  24. That’s a smart way to get around the 140 character limit.
    Hope he begins dancing again.
    Hes a lovely performer.

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