Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox Explains Why He Stopped Sucking Dick For The Camera

Have you ever watched a Cade Maddox scene and wondered why the award-winning hunk wasn’t shoving a fat slab of cock in his mouth? Well, the Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive just took to the Discretion Advised podcast with hosts Marc MacNamara and John Hill to explain the real reason it’s so rare to see him suck someone off nowadays.

The conversation about Cade’s oral preferences started when John asked Cade about the realities of filming on porn sets and if he’s ever had to say no to anything that he doesn’t want to do. Marc, who had just finished directing Cade in a NakedSword Originals project earlier that day, then revealed to listeners that Cade didn’t want to suck dick in his latest scene. It’s then that the porn star fully explained himself on why he isn’t fond of blowing guys on film and why he stopped altogether.

Cade Maddox

“Being gay isn’t focused on one thing of sucking dick,” explained Cade to the hosts. “I’ll put a dick in my mouth – like I’ll lick it. That’s great, but I’m not gonna put it down my throat like I can’t fucking breathe.

“I don’t look good on camera doing it and I realized that when I first started in my career, so it’s something that I stopped once I got to a position where I felt comfortable saying, ‘No, I don’t want to do this.’ I don’t look good doing it. I don’t make it look sexy at all. I can barely breathe through my nose.”

Cade Maddox

Cade, who has previously sucked dick in films like Afternoon Afairs, Max In The City and Tie Me Up Dick Me Down, later elaborated that while he isn’t a fan of how he looks when inhaling dick, he does consider himself very good at eating ass and topping for the camera – he just isn’t a fan when directors put him in difficult or wacky positions.

Unlike cock sucking, you can pretty much find Cade doing those activities in basically every movie he’s ever put out. Some men that have been recently serviced by Cade’s tongue and famous cock include hunks like Felix Fox, Angel Rivera, and Luke Truong.

So what do you think of this situation? Are you also someone that hates sucking dick? Sound off in the comments below with your hot thoughts, head over to NakedSword to watch Cade Maddox in action, and be sure to listen to this full Discretion Advised interview over on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and on!

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51 thoughts on “Cade Maddox Explains Why He Stopped Sucking Dick For The Camera”

  1. He sucked my dick some years ago when he was in Hawaii…and he was AMAZING at it. But that’s before he became famous and there were no cameras.

  2. I hate when a gay man refers to another gay man’s asshole as a “pussy.” It’s just a passe, old queen’s, way to describe a queer butthole. Cade does it all the time. As if it makes him more manly if the guy he’s fucking has a “pussy,” which he’d clearly loathe sticking his dick into.

  3. If I was him I wouldn’t be worried about what I look like sucking. That big gapping ugly hole of his flopping up and down in the air …yuck. Half the time you don’t know what the camera is looking at his face or ugly hole they both look the same. Retire you old queen!

  4. While I understand the need for any performer to do the things the only want to do, this is pretty basic. It isn’t about whether he thinks he’s good at sucking dick or not, or whether he thinks he looks good on camera doing it or not, it is about what fans and consumers want to see. It always seems very one-sided when one performer doesn’t suck dick or eat ass or won’t kiss. But what his craftily done is make it so his sucking dick will garner a higher price. If a studio wants him to do it bad enough he will of course accept more money for it now. Ingenious. What if all performers suddenly had these rules? What if they allowed every performer to have these rules? Personally I think he looks great sucking dick. I see nothing wrong with his abilities. I do agree with him on the business of gagging, which directors seem to want gay performers to do all the time now. This isn’t straight porn where straight guys want to see that, and not every guy can deep throat. Sucking dick shouldn’t be an extreme sport.

    1. All performers SHOULD have those rules. The fans don’t dictate what a performer will and will not do; the performer alone sets their own boundaries – not you, not me, and certainly not a director or producer.

      IF and only if the PERFORMER decides they will accept a sum of money to perform a specific act, that is their choice and between them and the studio. You can’t begrudge a performer for being a savvy negotiator in the setting of the terms of their contract. What you can begrudge is the fact that the cost will certainly be passed along to the consumer in the form of price point. But then again, if you begrudge that then you begrudge the entire system of supply, demand, and capitalism. And that would just make you un-American wouldn’t it?
      What’s the point? Don’t be un-American. Support performers and artists. Don’t be a dick head narcissist thinking that you can dictate what other people create as their art.

  5. As if he wasn’t annoying enough. First he refuses to bottom and now he refuses to suck dick. What the hell is it that makes him so damn successful? Surely it’s not that plastic face of his. He’s not even that good at gay porn.

    Lazy top. Bland performer. What the fuck is it that is supposed to be so appealing? And he wants to talk about what being gay is about? Just admit you’re bad at having sex with men and go have sex with women. Obviously he prefers that anyway, so make room for guys who actually want to do gay porn and are good at it. If you’re going to refuse to bottom, you can at least get over yourself and suck dick.

    Self-important prick.

    1. How do you know he likes to have sex with Women? Last time I checked, He has had a Boyfriend for a Couple of Years Now so…Just because he doesn’t Suck Dick on Camera doesn’t mean He wants to have sex with Women.

  6. The ugly plastic faced princess should retire if she thinks sucking cock gives you wrinkles. She’s getting to old and over using the old BOTOX!

  7. Thefuckeryneedstostop

    LAZY LAZY LAZY LAZY LAZY. I do not care how you look doing it, just do it. Anyone who praises this prick for what he just had the audacity to say should really…..

  8. Never understood the appeal. Doesn’t bottoms, won’t suck dick and has a face that looks like a Freddy Kruger mask. Raise your standards people!

      1. I cannot find a heterosexual porn that people claim about Maddox.If you are talking about eating pussy of a transgender man , that is not hetero sex. No one like to suck dick as much as I do but I had a friends with benefits arrangement for 6 months years ago with a transgender FTM and I enjoyed eating his “jockpussy” as they call it but I don’t feel that erased my gay card. I only have serious relationships with cis men who have dicks and with my current boyfriend of five years I have sucked his dick and swallowed his cum probably 3000 times. So eating the pussy of a handsome trans man is hetero? So am I bi? That is news to me.

        1. Universal Potentate

          I subscribe to Noah Way Babe on OF. Love his content. He’s a F2M performer who did a scene with Cade. It was not bad honestly. Cade seemed much more enthusiastic in that scene than most of his gay scenes honestly.
          Bear in mind, there is a certain type of gay that was rejected by their family and community and now feels it’s their turn to reject people arbitrarily based on sexuality. They clearly didn’t learn the lesson of acceptance but instead got the thrill of rejecting others.
          It’s sad but we need to call this hypocrisy out for what it is and hope for growth. Rejection of sexuality or sexual hierarchy simply cannot be the basis of social standing within the gay community.

          1. Well thought out and well said. There are so many judgemental people on this site , it is nice to read your comments.

          2. There seems to be the idea in some gay circles that a straight man is at the apex of manhood. Many former porn actors( Wesley Woods) seem to worship at that altar of male heterosexuality and disparage gays even calling them misogynistic for not sleeping with women. Of course, this is a grossly incorrect use of the term as throughout history and today it is the straight men who devalue women and want to control them. No one bothered to correct the homophobic Woods and he is one of those who are influenced by the Texan thugs and homophobes with whom he grew up. Gay men need a good public relations person ..

  9. He is one of very few real PORNSTAR in adult films. He can DEMAND what ever he pleases. And those directors/producers better listen. More power to him.

  10. Cade is a complete waste! His foolish self importance is a huge turn-off. There are so many hotter guys in porn, enough with this guy!

  11. Oh heaven forbid the guy doesn’t like the way he looks with a dick on his mouth.! Oh fuck off he’s getting too old for porn and getting to be a love himself Primadonna worried he looks too old with Cock in his mouth. Time to retire Cade the wrinkles are showing and your performance is start to get boring!

  12. “Being gay isn’t focused on one thing of sucking dick,” explained Cade to the hosts”
    First things first, since when is Cade gay? When it pays the bills?
    He has repeatedly, for years said he was bi, has said he wants to do bi scenes and recently did a str8 scene. He ain’t gay.
    After this article, and considering that homophobic, pansexul bigot Marc MacNamara, who is constantly trying to accuse gay men of being misogynistic and narrow minded for not having sex with women, after years of lapping Mr. Pam’s twat, is the one conducting the interview, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the real reason Cade doesn’t like sucking dick is because it ain’t pussy, because he had absolutely no problem with how he looked muff diving and sucking clit.

    1. Why is it gay men are criticized for not having sex with women by bi and pan men but straight men are given a free pass every time? They are just allowed to be straight. And while straight and even bi men can be intolerant of gay men just being gay, we are criticized every time we do the same to some supposedly gay guy who now wants to eat pussy. It is a double standard and bi/pan men need to stop expecting gay men to have sex with women and maybe we can accept them for their orientation. Straight people have in the past tried to erase gays. We don’t need to be erased by our bi/pan brothers

  13. He damn sure enjoyed licking a vagina. He’s so overrated, overhyped and so bland. Enough with this dude already.

    1. Agreed! Enough of him. He’s boring. He’s lazy. He’s waxy. And don’t forget his lies and schemes to get vaxxed BEFORE people who were immunocompromised. Lied and said he was an Uber driver. Fuck him and his selfish ass

  14. Nothing in the world better than a flesh sword pumping my throat to the max and then have it bust deep in my throat in hot cream..mmmm. Dude needs to “get real”….practice.

  15. Funny how he states he doesn’t look good sucking dick. Yet his face lately looks too feminine as if he’s got wax on his face.

    1. I’m assuming its the botox and fillers. I wish he would stop getting them. He looks fine without them. I dont mind men having forehead lines and wrinkles.

      1. Like the Carly Simon song “You’re So Vain” says. Also those lines make a man look ruggedly handsome. Now he looks as if he is a drag queen in his extra time, auditioning for a remake of “To Wong Foo”.

  16. I like sucking my top’s cock and then getting fucked, mostly on my back where we have eye contact and are passionately kissing. If he grabs me by the throat as a sign of dominance that’s a big plus.

  17. Maddox may be a pornstar, but he’s also a “big” pornstar, and in that reality has, like any celebrity (in his field), the clout to make some demands upon the producers. We, the consumers, have the right to purchase and watch, his material…or not; simple, and no judgment here.

  18. Looks like a good blowie to me. Wonder if someone ass-hat told him he sucked at BJ’s and now he is self conscious.

    Here is what everyone should tell him:
    “Buck Up Buck-a-Roo you are fine at them and you look hot going down on a hard prick.”

    Does he suck face on camera?

  19. Universal Potentate

    It’s simple: HE’S HORRIBLE AT SEX. He doesn’t bottom, doesn’t suck and well … doesn’t do much of anything. If you want to be good at sex, you practice and study until you get good. Getting good at anything requires practice, patience and enthusiasm. He seems to lack all 3.
    Cade is for vanilla people who like looking at pretty statues. That is not me.

    1. Kind of like Jeff Stryker in the beginning. He basically was trade, only fucked and never sucked. Total lazy top.

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