Jarret Moon, Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox Gives Jarret Moon a Warm Welcome in Hung Singer’s Memorable NakedSword Debut

The Bare series returns with a bang as it offers Big Dicks and Bubble Butts, starting with Jarret’s long-anticipated scene with the GayVN Performer of the Year!

Cade Maddox is one of porn’s most striking performers ever, and Jarret Moon (watch his new NakedSword interview to hear his amazing story!) brings all the same qualities to the table: undeniably handsome, stunning physique and a big cock. So big that Cade can’t wait to get his mouth around it, opening the scene by slurping it up (I love watching Cade suck!!!).

Jarret Moon

Jarret Moon

When Cade is rock-hard from the cock down his throat, Jarret hits the floor to return the favor by deep-throating Cade’s hefty meat. Soon, both studs are up on the bed 69ing each other’s poles while Cade sneaks his tongue into Jarret’s hole in between sucks. Watch for the amazing spit work from Jarret here—he gets Cade’s throbber dripping wet!

Jarret Moon

Jarret Moon

Jarret wants more and climbs on top of Cade to impale his raw tight hole with the stud’s girthy rod. The shots of Jarret’s smooth muscular backside riding Cade’s monster are stunning. Jarret rides Cade’s beast of a cock bareback and every which way before ending up on his back and getting his hole glazed by Cade’s thick load. All of the ass-pounding action sends Jarret over the top as he shoots jizz all over his abs.

Jarret Moon Jarret Moon

Be sure to catch Jarret’s NakedSword interview here, where he talks about fascinating background, his porn-star parent (!), being a sexual musician and more!

See the full scene at NakedSword!


6 thoughts on “Cade Maddox Gives Jarret Moon a Warm Welcome in Hung Singer’s Memorable NakedSword Debut”

  1. Awesome video and great combination of Jarrett and Cade….Cade phyisque is just speechless along with his gorgeous snile and Jarrett is just magnificent…Hot rimming and great fucking…

  2. Why does jarret look like a younh johnathan chebani not a vibe to see him with cade while visions of that mess follow but otherwise this was hot af.

  3. Cade and Jarret: A marriage consummated on Mount Olympus. In nine months Cade will pass out cigars that say “It’s a boy” and Jarret will name the boy Heracles just as Homer envisioned.

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