Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox Is Making ‘Dreams Cum True’

At this point, we’re sure that you know all about Cade Maddox’s impressive library of studio projects, so for today’s Cade-centric post, we’re going to take a break from talking all about this Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive’s body of work to share some of the most recent content shared to his pro-am site! For the latest scenes on his personal site, Cade is using his award-winning member to dick down some twinks, coaching some bottoms, and even make a few dreams “cum” true. Take a look below at some bareback previews and if you want to see even more from this star, be sure to check out!

Jay Takes it Like a PRO

“Jay gets right to work, sucking my throbbing cock, before jumping right on. His cock-riding skills are absolutely top-notch. After taking long deep strokes and I give him a real deep breeding, just like he wants it.” [Watch]

Coaching Juan To Take Big Cock

“Slim twink Juan Salazar wasn’t ready for what I’ve got in my pants! This Hotel Hookup turned into an expert coaching session and let me tell you, Juan’s sweet moans filled the air and his sweet boypussy had never been filled like this! In the end, I helped myself along and cranked out my load, seeding Salazar. Show me that hole, boy!” [Watch]

Gabe Bradshaw Wants It Bad

“I’ve had my eye on Gabe Bradshaw for a while, and when he reached out to me on Twitter, I knew he would put his whole ass into it. Honestly, I think he’d been waiting for this to happen for a long time. This little obedient, enthusiastic twink was one of my best fucks in a while!” [Watch]

Making Dreams Cum True

“Chris N and I met up and he took my cock like a champ. Worship doesn’t even begin to describe how he treated it. Fuck that was hot.” [Watch]


9 thoughts on “Cade Maddox Is Making ‘Dreams Cum True’”

  1. Cade Maddox got caught in a bar in Hollywood eat some guys #2 out of a toilet while he was high. OMG! everyone was screaming in shock.

  2. This is pathetic. Not only that, it’s not hot whatsoever. This guy has been hyped up from day one and I still don’t understand why and how?! He has no chemistry. It’s just plain ole vanilla style lame sex. It’s time for him to lay low and go.

  3. I love Cade Maddox’s new bikini tan line. A thong tan line on him would be even sexier. I just jacked off looking at his white ass pumping.

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