Cade Maddox, Dillon Roman

Cade Maddox Makes First Appearance Since 2018

It’s a big week for Cade Maddox and fans of his big cock, as the hung superstar returns to studio porn after nearly eight months away—but not to where we were used to seeing him!

Cade spent years as a Falcon | NakedSword exclusive, but his last projects with the studios were pounding Beau Butler in the Falcon Live: Get 2 It project last May, and stuffing JC Hunt in NakedSword’s Worship Me in June. Now a free agent, Cade has suddenly made an appearance at, returning for the first time in six years after a pair of scenes in 2018 (where he fucked Teddy Torres and Pierre Fitch). And while I have no insider information, judging by’s Twitter feed—which has featured copious Maddox-related tweets, including one congratulating him on his two GayVN Awards wins (which the  studio also did for exclusive Austin Wolf)—I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an “announcement” between Maddox and Men sometime soon.

Cade Maddox Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox, Dillon Roman Cade Maddox, Dillon Roman

Cade is paired with Dillon Roman, who I think is making his studio debut here (I wouldn’t count this NakedSword scene)? The bottom has been fucked by Cade before (and by Rhyheim Shabazz) in his fan content (and has been around for nearly three years now), but this appears to be his first actual studio scene. The two share some smooches before the sub helps himself to Cade’s big cock, then gets his hole munched.

Cade Maddox, Dillon Roman Cade Maddox, Dillon Roman

Cade Maddox, Dillon Roman Cade Maddox, Dillon Roman

Cade then pounds the bottom in a variety of positions (Dillon rocks a nice boner in his bright blue jockstrap, which sadly stays on), then delivers a hot facial to the cutie at the end. What do you think of Cade’s return to Men (which, by some miracle, features no women and is a nice “normal” scene for once)?

See the full scene at!


14 thoughts on “Cade Maddox Makes First Appearance Since 2018”

  1. Dillon Roman is gorgeous. Cade Maddox looks like a huge, completely artificial waxwork. A robotic face, expressionless and visibly the result of aesthetic interventions. And his blue-black hair is a plus in terms of bizarreness. Absolutely strange. It looks like a wig. He chose the tone poorly.

    1. wow this is evil. you don’t have to like someone but to wish them death just shows how evil you are. you need to be locked up in a psych ward. people like you are extremely dangerous and are a major threat to society.

  2. Face it, the mannequin face is boring as a top only performer. That is why Colton Reece’s contract was not renewed. At least Colton did a bottom scene with Rhyheim Shabazz.

  3. The wax face you get when you realize it’s not 2016 anymore and you were never the commodity you thought you were.

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